Om Mani Padme Hum

This week I went after some time in a museum again.

I wanted to see a well celebrated show. Well, the result was that in no time I felt such a fatigue, my body got so heavy and after only thirty minutes I had the feeling to urgently need to leave this place. I couldn't relate on any level. Probably, I would have need to have an explanation. Yeah, right! This is something that happens to me most of the times being confronted with contemporary art not only lately.

Anyhow, I decided not to leave before at least once going up to the first floor to see with Cy Twombly one of my all-time favorite artists whose work is on permanent display in the same museum. I immediately could breathe again, my contracted system opened up and I had a smile on my face.

OM MANI PADME HUM – can you see it written? One of the highest Mantras in Tibetan Buddhism about compassion. And even, if one would not recognize it – believe me, you would feel the energy. It's all about energy. What a gesture of light, silence and poetry these works radiate.


And what is it at the end? A wooden box painted over rather irregularly with white color. Another plank vertical to it and blue paint for a rather scribbled handwriting which is supported from the back. Childlike as most of his works. It doesn't need much, it doesn't need to be big and it doesn't need to be loud. But the spirit from which things arise is crucial. And guess what – this art doesn’t need any explanation. It speaks for itself. It allows this infinite spark to jump over.

On another sculpture the writing, in the same scrawly way with a black, thin pencil is saying FEEL ALL THINGS IN ALL WAYS. How beautiful is that? Awe! – Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take a second picture.

I really do believe that we don't need any more of this Conceptual Art that is all around and with which we are confronted in our so called educational institutions. Really not. The education of tomorrow is a heart based understanding and the art of the now and the future is an art that is created from that place – a place of higher consciousness and awareness. It’s an art to which human can relate to because they are touched by it, no needing to understand, no needing to know anything! Because it’s universal.

In an unpublished document "The meaning of art" from the 1970s the Israeli artist, Holocaust survivor and one of my long-term mentors in life, Jehuda Bacon, once stated:

“An artist is somebody who is in command of his hand, his head and his heart – with one only it is no good. Young people are much more attracted by technique and by knowledge, the hand and the head. Only later do they see the qualities of the heart. You cannot separate these three qualities. Life is like a spiral: you repeat yourself, only on a higher level.”

And when even repetition ceases, I would like to add today, we are ready to truly break free and open from the mass narcotization and a money ruled social conditioning that is still based on the higher, faster, wider principle, also in the arts.

Time to break free and open.

Time for an art (world) evolution 2.0.



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