The Children of Today are the Light Bearers of the Future

“It was very, very peaceful and calming. It was very, very like almost otherworldly in the experience. This isn’t the modern world we live in today. It could be somewhere in a far-off land, in a galaxy far, far away. Somewhere just not here. It didn’t feel like I live here in New York on just a normal Saturday. It felt calming, it felt womblike, it felt really like there was something there that just calm you and make you think about everything, think about life, think about, just think about.”

Twelve-year-old girl in the Solid Light works of artist Anthony McCall


In a way, it's always interesting to see that what's closest to us is actually so close that we can’t seem to be aware of it in our daily lives. It’s kind of invisible, intangible. As if we would need to travel to find it somewhere else; as if it wouldn’t be available to us right here, right now as she describes – "It didn't feel like I live here in New York on just a normal Saturday." (And one could replace NYC with any place, really). 

That’s how we have been educated in the society in which we are living today – most people are on a constant run, and that can also be a spiritual run, by the way, in a constant "doing" mode that makes them believe that peace and real happiness can be found somewhere outside in a "far-off land". And this is also how our children grow up in a system where it’s all about achievement, success, grades, money, etc. 

This is such a powerful example that this place of true peace and silence is always reachable for us, no matter how old, how educated, how rich, how poor, in which shape we are if we smoke or drink green smoothies every day. I was amazed when I was talking with this young girl who was visiting the show of Anthony McCall at Pioneer Works in New York with her mother who allowed me to speak with her for The Aesthetics of the Real, a research at the threshold between form and formless. 

She was not hesitating for a moment while these words came fluently out of her mouth, not a single 'hm', 'well'. Actually, no thinking at all – just so fresh, so articulate, so deep, so beyond and at the same time so aware. There is no need to travel far! It’s a split of a second that can offer us a totally different perspective. Art can be such a birthplace of new realities, so it can be a piece of music or a poem – any creation, expression really that comes from pure beingness (beyond the narrative), from the "no-thingness". 

I didn’t have to teach or to explain this girl anything from a point of view of conventional art history. In a space of presence as, in this case, the Solid Light, where there is nothing else to perceive than that what is, what you are, it was presence itself that spoke in a moment of remembrance. As such she reminded me in turn. This is how it works, again and again. This is how we are all working together and are always being connected in a world in which we only falsely perceive ourselves as separated from each other. 

If we only open up to the beauty and the possibility that life offers us each day and an approach in education and science that is freeing itself from pre-assembled, old believes and judgements and allow an experience to be felt within oneself through the body, direct and intimate, and with a permission to also simply be with that in our society, we have gained a big step into the future. 

Or, as Nikola Tesla puts it, that whenever science begins to study non-physical phenomena it will progress in a decade more than in all previous centuries.

I don't know where this research, this (art) science at the threshold between matter and consciousness leads (me) to. I don't have any preconceived answers. It will be revealed in the process itself because I’m not the measure here but life itself as it is expressed through the individual experience. It's still hard for me to explain in "official settings" that follow mainstream ideas what I'm investigating on. Yet, the necessity of it is evident. 

Beyond or exactly because of all the challenging worldly situation and chaos, it's a time when there is a true potential for the new to enter and unfold – individually and at large – as it has also always been in history. The big shifts were taking place in times of utter turbulences. We are collectively now at a point where it is not about the either/or anymore but the AND – this fine line where revolutions can take place.

The children of today are the light bearers of the future. And the revolution of the now is an internal one and a setting, if any, that allows these experiences to occur and then be present and operate in the world from that space. 

Forward we go! 


All texts that I share are based on my own experiences and/or of the people I work with as a curator, scientist and intuitive coach. I encourage you to only take what resonates with you to find your own truth and wisdom. Please feel free to share! Thank you!
Love, Tina

THE AESTHETICS OF THE REAL (aesthetics: ancient greek „perception“, „sensation“) is not only about the pleasure of works of art or even their evaluation.
It's like a journey! 
The travelers are the curious ones that are driven by a deep inner longing for truth and the unknown that not only brings a different light into themselves but also into the world. 


We are all travelers and we are all intuitive!
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