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My background is in classic humanities. I studied European and Eastern philosophy, psychology and hold a master’s degree in art history. For my thesis – an inquiry on the stereotype in fashion photography and the idea of image and identity – I was awarded with the Henrich-Wölfflin-Preis of best thesis of LMU Munich.

While living and working in Paris, Rome and London I immersed myself in the arts of all ages, from baroque churches to old masters, photography and time-based installations, and developed an interest in language and a passion in writing.

A turning point in my life was the encounter with the Solid Light films of the artist Anthony McCall in the year of 2004. It changed my approach to art, science and my whole way of being profoundly.

Standing in a cone of white light brought me an experience that I had never had in the realm of art nor in life before. Needing to think nothing, needing to understand nothing, but nonetheless understanding: I am. No more, no less. It was a revelation for me and it forced itself on me.

The question “What is knowledge?” became an issue of inherent importance which asked for a complete new entry-point, a shift in perception.

Anthony McCall,  Four Projected Movements , 1975, Installation view, Centre Georges Pompidou / La Maison Rouge, Paris, 2004. Photograph by Marc Domage

Anthony McCall, Four Projected Movements, 1975, Installation view, Centre Georges Pompidou / La Maison Rouge, Paris, 2004. Photograph by Marc Domage

I left my curatorial work at Museum für Moderne Kunst (MMK), Frankfurt am Main, which I loved, and stepped back from my position as a PhD candidate, researcher and lecturer at Freie Universität Berlin.

It was the beginning of a journey of deep self-inquiry.

The spontaneous awakening in the Solid Light in my twenties, followed by the death of three of my closest people in life within only 18 months and a catalogue of intense life changes opened me up to a powerful intuitive connection and a clairsentience that in the previous years had lain dormant.

In the years to come, I travelled the world from Asia to South America to study and work in person with the traditional masters and some great, worldwide renowned teachers. I delved in various ancient healing methods and yoga which is so much more than just physical exercise but rather an attitude, a way of living and looking at things (yoga means “union”, “oneness” from the Sanskrit root yui: to bind together), to ultimately become a teacher myself.


During all that time I went through an innermost transformational process, including all kinds of shades – the light and the dark, the love and the despair, the pain and sadness as well as infinite grace, beauty and joy. Yet, the deepening of truth is nothing the ever stops. It's a constant alignment with that which is greater than us, and an intention that is consciously renewed in every instant. This is what I have dedicated my life to – no matter the occupation I follow.

Today I’m a leading intuitive coach – as such one of the first in German-speaking countries, mentor and author in loving service of that which is empty as the source of everything.

In my sessions I emphasize on one-to-one encounters to be able to truly support the uniqueness of each being – in remembrance of the infinite potential within ourselves, as the Self.

My writing on non-duality, high-sensitivity, the power of intuition and energy as matter, direction, life and art became wildly popular in the past years and gather about 10,000 readers monthly.

I’m also the founder and curator of BOLD Gallery, an international, interactive art space and salon, in which exhibitions, readings and installations open a dialogue and build bridges between the world of art and the ephemeral, between form and formless and reconnect the aesthetic spheres of art with the transcendental by supporting people’s own experience.

Further stages in the art field to date along with Museum für Moderne Kunst (MMK), Frankfurt am Main, are Christie’s, London, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich and The Thomas Walther Collection, Zurich. 

Currently I split my time coaching, writing, researching and curating between Munich and New York and spend as much time in nature as I can. I have a very strong connection to trees and all animals, living a pretty green life out of my heart, not because of dogma. Raw, vegan cuisine is both – my sin and passion.


I’m in awe for life itself and bow in humble gratitude to all my teachers who kept and keep reminding and pointing me back to who I truly am. This process is only getting deeper once you see through the door that has never been closed, that has never been there, in fact.

In particular, I’m grateful for the encounter with the teachings and spiritual guidance of Christian Meyer from Berlin. He helped me integrate my awakening experience and to fully surrender which basically ended my search.

His work as a psychologist and spiritual teacher which combines classic psychology with non-dual awareness is of priceless value in this transformational time on earth. I was fortunate to be trained under his guidance for three years (BITEP) to become a facilitator for this kind of profound psychological and existential support.

Today, the spiritual approach is of the same importance in my life as art and science. Even more, it became the underlying threat that weaves through all, is all. Ultimately it means to be present in the very moment here now.

My personal matter of heart and focal point is the intersection between art and consciousness – a holistic art view in the context of institutions, exhibitions, science and education.

Where the unchangeable and the constantly changing river of transformation meet – life is happening.

I meet you there!

I mix it up a lot, I shift a lot. When you see me, I’ve already changed.
— Pablo Picasso