Art Writing

My art writing is not involved in any further, unnecessary “discourse” production, classical “review” or the irrelevance of curatorial rhetoric, but rather a way to inspire to make your own experience and open a dialogue.

The Aesthetics of The Real

This is my manifesto!
At the edge of science, it’s a very personal document – the expression of an (inner) journey that has unfolded along the lines of art, research and curation.

Bold Gallery

BOLD is a private art space and salon which aims to build bridges between form and formless, the material and the immaterial and helps to connect the aesthetic spheres of art with the transcendental.

Soul to Soul: One on one sessions for alignment with your soul purpose and concrete steps into manifestation on a whole new level.

Mentoring: Ongoing support over a period of time to transform or embody any area of your life or a specific subject where you feel a calling.

Artist Coaching: For artists with a particular interest in intimate, immersive and engaging experiences for themselves and the audience.

The world needs ideas, creators and visionaries who are BOLD enough to step out of the frame and, at the same time, be in the world.
— Tina Guthknecht