Everything is vibration, is energy. It’s the most invisible thus most genuine current that there is.

I’m your mirror for these unconscious streams as I see and feel things and details on a different level that you might have been able to see. It’ll empower and assist you in your chosen journey of self-discovery and shine some light in any area of your life where new insight and clarity is desired.

The information I will bring through is designed to help you shift and elevate states of being, emotions and issues that challenge your peace and wellbeing. It will also support you in opening and connecting more with your own source energy and increase your self-awareness.

Rarely have I encountered anyone as capable to sense and analyze topics and situations as clearly, accurately and concisely as Mrs. Guthknecht.
— Thomas W., Zurich

If you have repeating life-patterns or areas in your life of pain and unhappiness it’s sometimes already enough to reflect the circumstances, sometimes it’s the initiate step for greater change and transformation towards the stage of harmony and inner freedom you are longing for.

We all have something unique we are supposed to bring to this world. It’s my simple wish with each session that the information and energy will allow you to reconnect with yourself on a deeper level and guide you to find your own voice in this universal life. Above all else, it's about one thing to remember: What you are seeking to attain is already what you are.

I look forward to reflecting you back to yourself.

Sessions are held in German or English, both on location and by Skype or telephone.

Build Your Intuition • Trust Your Truth • Be Yourself

My personal aim with each session is to bring through information and energy that will give you clarity in the now and allow you to have a clearer vision for your future.

…and falling in love again – with yourSelf.

Each session is totally unique!

While I tune into your soul frequency, it’s a transmission of knowledge that is communicated within a space of deep meditation and receptivity.

The first 15-20 minutes, I will tell you what I see and feel in your energy field. The rest of the time is reserved for your specific questions of any aspect of your life you want to explore. All questions are important, nothing is off-limits. 

Please note that even though I use my deep intuitive feel and psychic skills within a session, its content is not focused solely upon predictions of the future in which you are a passive recipient of specific events. This is sometimes an element within a reading, but the clear focus and intention lies in both – the recognition of your true Self and, at the same time, the embodiment and manifestation of your soul path and destination in the world of existence.

I record our time together as an MP3. In re-listening to the recording, more will move and clarify for you, so that the information and energy can keep working for you. Many people I have worked with, tell me, that they listen to the recording over and over, even after months or years and always gain new or deeper insights.


Your investment…


Initial Private Session
150 Euro/75 Min

incl. MP3 recording


Follow Up Sessions
120 Euro/60 Min

incl. MP3 recording



All session are via Skype/Telephone or on location

Thank you for everything – for the session, for your sensitive and deep perception, for your enriching thoughts, for your warmth and love. I have the feeling that I am immersing myself in a world that I have been searching for, that I have longed for... a world that is ‘here’, in the midst of us, that is who are WE, what ‘everything’ is... and what we have just forgotten to perceive.
— Alexandra K.
Thank you for bringing me back to my roots! There are not really many people who hit the nail on the head in such a way. I’m very happy that I responded to my inner call.
— Kristina H.
You took me a little way to the portal, which connects our idea of space and time with timelessness, and between your words, the keys... so many hunches had almost physical presence – as if I could grab it. A very special gift that you unfold from your fine being!
— K. L.
The mentoring sessions with Tina are incredibly valuable to me: Talking to her, suddenly everything is in the right perspective and I can see it clearly in front of me! With her, it’s wonderfully possible to bring diffused things into the here and now and to then set the pending steps in life. Afterwards I always feel completely at home, on a whole new level – such a gift!
— Doris Schmid, Vienna

If you have any area in your life – relationship, business, emotional, spiritual – that you want to explore in particular, move forward, make manifest or finally get started and follow the calling of your heart and soul – then this is for you!

You are the creator of your life and it's only you who can take it on a next level at any given moment. You decide!

Together we explore new paths and I assist you in moving through resistance, doubt and fear. You allowing yourself to live and be the greatest version that you are is the call we are taking on.

These sessions come as a package of four and are only available if you have had a reading with me before.

Your investment...


390 Euro/4 x 60 Min
Incl. MP3 recording for each session

Plus in between contact or support per email/SMS if needed.


Only via Skype or Telephone

All four sessions of a package are booked within a period of max. three months. The time interval between sessions usually vary. Sometimes it can be more intense and then again with a longer break in between. Everything is closely adjusted according to the requirement of the current situation. These sessions come as a package of four and are only available if you have had a reading with me before.

Without you, I would not have been able to manage the last few months and I could not have estimated the people and situations in such a way and to deal with them as by your company. The calm and your delicacy as you perceive me and my situation – with a crystal-clear accuracy and perspective, has often brought me back to the ground and into the here and now. Your heart is so joyful and playful with the matter that it also gives me pleasure to see you like that! After our talks, I breathe, it works for days and I carry on our exchange. That you see me – it is like a resonance of creation. Exactly right, exactly where it should be. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Johanna Keimeyer, BREATH ing HEART

It's time to foster a more “spiritual approach, which is completely lacking today”. – Marcel Duchamp

These are the words of one of the, if not the most important and influential artist of the 20th century which he stated already back in the 1960s.

I love to accompany artists in the process of creation. In fact, with a background of over a decade in the high-end international professional art world and after diving deep into the truth of all life, it’s my main focus to support artists, writers and those who feel the call, on their journey of realization and manifestation.

You are here because you have the potential to be a conduit and experiential expression for source consciousness.

This is the way I understand and support art and artist – to help revealing the great mystic truths and interrelations through and with their work.

One thing is very important to know and to remember on this journey – especially during the period of birthing a new piece:

As you shape and form the work, it shapes and forms you.

It means that in the process of creation all those topics can and also will appear that have kept you from going this way – all the way – already before. Decisive is your intention to grow beyond old, limiting beliefs and programming and to open yourself to your true being, the flow of your life. In this sense, I assist you and by perceiving you in the finest frequency of your soul.

In the actual manifestation of your creative power lies the greatest potential of your personal and spiritual development.

Your Investment…


440 Euro/4 x 60 Min
Incl. MP3 recording for each session

Plus in between contact or support per email/SMS if needed.


To book your subsequent coaching sessions, please click here.

Only via Skype or Telephone. These sessions come as a package of four and are booked within a period of max. three months. The time interval between sessions usually vary, depending on the project status and work phase. Sometimes it can be more intense and then again with a longer break in between. Everything is adjusted according to the current requirement.