Manifestation – A New Experience of Being

It's like a piece of art. If you start with it, you have for a long time no sense of what will become or what will emerge, whether text, image or song. You may work on individual parts, such as with a sculpture, more on the nose, on the eyes or on the fingers. Maybe at some point you will know that it will become a human figure. But what does it look like – a man, a woman, in motion, static, with eyes closed or open? – You don’t know all that yet. Only the process of creation can reveal that, every new moment.

With the striking new moon and the partial eclipse at the middle of the month, on Friday 13 July, a phase of the second half of the year is ushered in, in which you will get a feeling for, more and more sensing, what YOUR sculpture of life is – by the concrete manifestation and reflection in the outside.

And not just in the form of a vision, but through the actual shaping and merging of the individual parts! This has not been easy on the way so far and has certainly made you despair in some dark nights of the soul, precisely because there was no direct reflection on the outside; supposedly no sense. There was and is "only" this inner knowledge without being able to explain it to yourself at times. And you have followed again and again, where it has carried you from within, without knowing what the big picture finally adds up to.

Just know – that's the biggest mastery! And to date, there are only a few that really follow this path. Because it requires great strength and complete surrender at the same time. If you read these lines, beautiful soul, you probably belong to this small part. It's time – yes, it's about time that you understand yourself as a master! Without ever forgetting that you are a humble student of life.

It may now gradually reflect in the outside, what you have gathered in all the years like a puzzle that makes a whole. And that in turn, you will feel it, enables you to sink into a deeper, unwavering trust. A trust that has really established physically and in the cells of the body and thus allows a complete different quality of life or experience of being in this world. Even if you have gone your way in trust that it all will crystallize in a way, because it wasn’t possible otherwise, it’s still a process until the new feeling, a new stage of being is implemented in the body and in the cells; until your body is actually the expression of a new mind.

And it may well be – and for most of us, in spite of walking the path and having an inner knowing, sometimes there was a feeling that we couldn’t trust. Because it was not tangible and maybe it still is not. This changes by the manifestation or reflection in the outside. Be it that really people come to you and ask you concretely for your work, your service, what previously didn’t happen in this way. It may be that you are surprised and get unexpected phone calls from nowhere and a voice says at the other end of the line – "hey, I'm following you in the background for a while now" or "it would be nice if you could walk with me and support me a bit on my path". Whatever your thing is that you are bringing into the world. Whether it's the greatest raw vegan cake and you are suddenly seen for that. Or other spaces are opening up for you. You are being perceived holistically in a different way – and this means the core, your essence, that is flowing through everything you do.

And the key to this – you see your Self and recognize yourself as that, what you are: consciousness that is expression in the world.

You may think or say now – "Phew! I feel completely different and the last few weeks, on the contrary, have worn me down a lot". I understand you and I'm all with you. And yet: These extremely dense and challenging weeks and months have led you and take you further where you simply need to see yourself. You can’t ignore you any longer as who you are and hide from yourself and the outside – or behind others. In the last weeks it wasn’t possible any other way because the time has been so much marked with loss and letting go, that the only one who could still see you, was you yourself. Eventually, and this is the beautiful “turn” that is currently happening at this second half of the year – what was in the external so that it could have actually withdrawn any trust (according to the mind), has meant that you were allowed to turn more and more to you/your essence. And in the end, everything is energy. We attract what we send out. By seeing yourself clearer, the others can see you more clearly. This process will deepen!

It’s no longer the linear ascent that really shapes you, as our society still wants to fool us. Remember that, in the moments when something (re)appears, which may seem like a blockage. Know that this too is a momentum that leads you deeper into your true power. And that's what it's about now!

It’s a parallel process that takes place. Like a house that forms when you put the bricks together, one after the other. You build your house and that involves different levels at the same time. On the one hand, it’s very important in these moments when it doesn’t seem to go the way you have wished that you then would look at YOU – not in the outside according to the motto "this fool or this stupid cow", but really look at you. What beliefs I have (about me) have added to attract this or that externally. And not to let that stand as an explanation, but to go further in this process: "What is the experience that I really would like to have?” And what would be the belief that draws this experience into my life. Yes, this is work. Transformation requires a, YOUR clear intention and – above all – presence.

The other thing is to consciously open for the joy, the ease, and this "life-may-just-really-be-good-feeling". Because that's also new information for the cells! Can you feel what this frees up? If we no longer sit and make a long face because of the difficulty of the situation – this whole sacrifice and despair program that we know so well. And that doesn’t mean not feeling the pain, grief or anger when they arise and are released by certain current events. It’s rather about – and this has to do with our own honesty and conscious decision – to end the old, unnecessary programs of suffering and thus pave the way for a truly new experience.

In this sense – be your own creator in the coming weeks over the summer, in addition to what the summer offers – so for many simply vacation or time with the family. You will also feel that there is something in you that really wants to shape and create, and it's up to you to consciously move that forward. Use this energy! Do not say, I'll do it tomorrow. Give yourself the space and articulate your needs. That can be half an hour a day or a "free" afternoon a week. It has less to do with how much than with just doing and allowing. Otherwise, daydreams remain. And this is not the time for that anymore. You once created out of a vision and shaped the individual parts. You were courageous and you are! Now it's about putting them together. You are the creator of your reality and at the same time you do nothing and nothing is left undone. That's the great paradox of life. Anyone who recognizes this knows why Buddha has this slight smile on his lips.

We are transcendent AND immanent. Live both. Be whole.

With love and great blessings as you go through your days,
Tina xxx


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