Energy Tune UP November 2015

The sentence that reflects most the energy of this month is – come back to your focus!

In these overall dense and very demanding times where many of us have the feeling that they deal with ten balls in the air at once – and not minor subjects but more the most fundamental things in life like relationship issues in general, partnership, health, money, the whole career topic and how bringing into the world what one is here for to share – it’s really about prioritizing and very constantly coming back to your focus and what you want to concentrate on.

It’s first of all an internal process, a very concrete intention that you set for yourself, and yet, at the same time, it’s about getting into action! Make it concrete! It can be small things like doing a phone call, setting a meeting, reaching out to someone and asking for help – but do it and make it accessible! And if it’s only one tiny step that you have accomplished for yourself before you go to bed and close your eyes, that’s wonderful! Acknowledge yourself for that! Also, the world doesn’t need to know it but you have to get a feeling of what it means to stand up for yourself. It will give you and your day a complete different energy and also makes you happy and smile, not get drowned in feelings of emptiness, confusion, being useless or that you are wasting your life force and -time. The key is: make it practical, continuous and integrate it in your daily routine.

Therefore one needs to be clear! There is no point to come back to the focus and not knowing the focus! An ever good and useful way of remembering yourself of what you want to realize or how you want to feel and the single tasks leading towards it, is – writing it down! To see it in black and white on paper in front of your eyes supports the energy into manifestation. And then commit to yourself! You are the only one who can do it for you! Commitment with oneself is very important in these days! 

This has nothing to do with an egoistic point of view, which might sound like it, because we were raised in a complete different way of understanding that told us that everything we do for ourselves is self-centered and therefore to judge. Actually, the opposite is the case! It’s the most important thing to finally stand firm and grounded on our own feet as only from there we can grow, go beyond your internal limitations and really are servants of a greater grand. If you are not happy with what you do, if you are not, at least in one area in your life following your mission and your true fulfillment, then authentic giving and real peace is very hard to maintain.

Visualize yourself as the archer who is concentrated and focused on the point! When you get distracted – like a laser beam – remind yourself: back to the focus. The really good thing is that coming back to the point is something that we are now, more and more able to develop within ourselves. We can release the outer shocks that in past were necessary to wake us up and we also learn to rely more on our own intuition than following what others – gurus, teachers, parents, the news – tell us. This is a process that will continue, expand and stabilize throughout the month of December.

Another very positive and beautiful aspect of you, learning to stay with yourself and taking care for you, is that through the experience of a shift and rise in the quality of your own energy, you’ll be able to recall it and develop a more continuous ability to be your higher energies. And our often deeply imprinted “must” do something that creates rather a huge tension and heaviness will gently transfer into the feeling of lightness and freedom.

I hope you are all thriving and wish you a wonderful month!


Much love,

Curator | Art Scientist | Intuitive Coach | Author

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