Trust means to surrender in a moment of total unknown.

Again and again.

In the moment you break through the veil, you enter a spaciousness, an ever-widening spaciousness. 

Resting in that spaciousness is the peace and quietness you long for. There all the safety can be found.

Money comes, money goes. Form comes, form goes – out of emptiness and back into it. 

We can observe it every day. 

And yet we believe that we can hold on to it – hold on to that which changes. This is not possible. No safety can ever be found there. This is what we know intuitively. And exactly because a part deep inside of us knows this truth by heart, the fear pattern of the mind plays out drastically in these days.

The fear we feel as human kind is tied to our believe system which is routed in the idea of the safety of the world.

The paradox is – as we are believing the chatter of our programmed mind, the place of peace and freedom – the mystics of the unknown – scares us even more. And yet the unknown is the only remedy and, by all means, the only truth. Do you know what brings tomorrow? Be honest – do you really know?

We can’t change the chatter of our mind. That’s a spiritual myth. But we can choose how we react on it. And we can choose where we put our attention.*

I’m not saying it’s easy. It might be simple but it’s not easy at times. Especially when you are coming from a place where trust – or not having trust – is connected with all sorts of abusive and abandoning experiences in the past. It can take time. So be most loving and gentle with you. Still this is the work that you do. This means shifting your inner template and programming, and opening up to the power that is and has always been in you, that you are. 

What it wants? Your commitment to yourSelf. So basically to all that is!

Are you willing to surrender fully?

Take a pause and look at yourself honestly. Where are you still coquetting, playing with yourself. You know these moments, areas, situations in your life. Don’t blame yourself for it. Just know that’s part of the reason why you are suffering. There is no one else to blame, neither you nor someone or something outside from you. We all came here with different life tasks and challenges. For some of us they are brutally hard. And yet, the ones that came to the deeper understanding of this underlying principle of all life, if you ask them when they look at their life if they see it as a curse, a stroke of fate, a misery – no, they don’t! Do they pity themselves? No, they don’t! Do they suffer? No, they don’t! They most likely will tell you that they are where and who they are today because of all that has brought them to that point. They are – with and despite everything that’s going on – grateful, humble and in love with life because they realized one thing:

We are so much bigger than our thoughts. 

The energies of this year are supporting and therefore challenging at the same time this inner transformation on earth and human kind in totally new ways. Don’t resist it, jump in the water and become like water. Be like water, my friend. The ever-flowing river of life. Once you think that you have arrived, the moment has already passed. You are always home. The power, peace and freedom is within you. And the unknown is the resting safeguard. It’s the opposite of what the mind wants to tell you. 

The more often you surrender the more this truth becomes your living force. 

Practice to surrender into the unknown. Trust THIS!

Again and again.

Until the spaciousness of your being is your home for good. 

And no, it has nothing to do with not being consistent. It has nothing to do with not doing anything. It has nothing to do with not caring. It has not nothing to do with not being part of the material world. These again are all excuses of the programmed conditioned mind that wants to prevent you from living your inherent powerful nature. Stop it. You hear that: simply STOP it. No, you can’t stop your thoughts (*back to the top), but you can choose where you direct your energy towards. Don’t feed the victim part in you. Sit down and write down what you have in your life instead. Write it down! Daily. Five minutes. Make this your good night ritual in the next couple of weeks before you go to sleep. What do you already have in your life? Sounds simple? Too simple? Do the work and let me know what your experience is. Please share!

Again no, it has nothing to do with positive thinking. Instead: It’s directing the energy from what you don’t have in your life towards what you have. This is way much deeper. It’s shifting your inner template from lack to abundance. It starts within you! You are a magnet of abundance if you choose so. Do it!

I want to give you an example of my life. This weekend it was a Sunday to stay in bed here in Brooklyn. Freezing cold, a wet cold as it was already pouring down all morning, grey sky. I had a Skype meeting and for the most morning was working. When the rain stopped, I decided to go out for a walk in the park. I walked out of the house and right at the next building, which is under construction and therefore covered with a scaffold, there was all sorts of cardboard tight to the wall. I passed it, looked closer and realized that some homeless people had built their beds behind and underneath it. Intuitively I needed to pause for a moment. It kind of hit me deeply in the ice winds somewhere down under in Brooklyn.


In an instant, I had this feeling of genuine, humble gratitude. Gratitude for the seemingly “small” things we so seldomly pay attention to in our daily lives, the things we take for granted. They are not. And there is always, let me repeat, ALWAYS something we can look at and acknowledge that we have in our lives, even if everything seems to be lost in the current situation. And if it’s only one thing – find this (or the many) for you and give it (them) some attention, put it in words.


For me that day it meant – I am so grateful for:

- my warm apartment

- that, in fact, I have a roof above my head in these extreme weather conditions

- that I have clean, dry clothes that keep me warm

- my new hat that I love and that brings me joy and a smile every day 

- that I can go for a walk

- that I have legs that carry me

- that I had my favorite summer rolls for a lunch snack

- that I can buy me this good food and can look after my nutrition

- that I have a nice Italian espresso bar around the corner where I can speak Italian 

- that there a people around me who care for me and I care for them 

- that I wake up every morning in NYC that teaches me so much – inside, outside, that holds space for me, that allows me to grow

- that I see so many colorful, different, unique people on the street every day 

This was my little list that I wrote when I came home. It’s not a list of positive thinking. It’s list of truly appreciating what I have in my life. Can you feel the difference? What is your list today? And any day?

And yet, this doesn’t mean to deny what else is in your life right now. To deny the fear, the pain, the grief, the depression maybe, the overwhelm or the tiredness. You have come a long way and all that might be there for a reason. But it is not the only thing and, most important, it is not what you truly are. And herein is our responsibility that with conscious action we remind ourselves of that. That’s all I wanted to share with you today. And you keep going. Through that which is there right now to experience, you discover that, within it all resides. 

January, as challenging as the initial weeks despite of all new year expectations has been for so many, has the potential to be this kind of door opener for you. A door opens but what it requires is you. YOU who boldly walks through it. You might not know what’s to come. There is just this inner voice that tells you – do it. Let this be your sweet little reminder: Please! Follow that voice. May it be still so gentle and soft that you barely can hear it. Trust it! This is your new and yet ever-present life force guiding you into the great adventure that is life. Beyond the safety of mankind but in the safety of your own being. THIS is the foundation of your safety in the world. Out of that, within that and on that everything can grow. 

Be like water, my friend. Surrender to the unknown. Rest in the safeguard of your true nature to become manifest in the world of form.

We are all in this together.

Much love and blessings as you walk through these days. 


All texts that I share are based on my own experiences and/or of the people I work with. I highly encourage you to only take what resonates with you to find your own truth and wisdom. Please feel free to share! Thank you!

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