Energy Tune UP January 2017 – Rooted in yourself, hand in hand

This is the motto of this month and, at the same time, it’s one of the most important course directions of the year as a whole:

Partnership, co-creation, mutual support and synergies!

January is energetically a rather inward, calm month.

It’s a good month to deal with many things that you have left untouched for a long time; for that which piles up at home, wants to be done there or even subjects, for which it’s simply a matter of "being" or “sitting” with oneself and things.

Just around the turn of the year, we had a phase of very high energy. This can have had quite a different impact on the individual. For example, you may not have found any sleep at night or you find that you currently need 12 hours of sleep. It seems as if the year 2016, which was for many a very moving year – in the exterior as well as in the inside – drew to a close with a deceleration, which will go well into the middle of the month, latent over the whole month. It can show up as a kind of basic exhaustion or you are directly forced to take a quieter gait, as through abrupt injuries, fainting, total knockouts due to unusually severe colds or other physical symptoms.

To give yourself to this now, to rest, when the body calls for it and to let the body simply "do its work", is very important. You're not missing anything! This January is not a month – even if it marks the start of the new year – which is about big, visible upheavals. And: We do not need a start in a new year for a more conscious life, but we can make a new decision for that every day, every moment. It’s currently much more about the fine frequencies. That is, silent and present with yourself, to observe you and your actions, and to pay attention to the subtle messages of your own heart.

Hence, the movements in these days are not great, but all the more deep and essential. You are preparing the ground for a different kind of "being in relationship", of partnership. You can only enter solid, authentic and visionary bonds when you are standing safe and firm in your “own”. When you know with what you want to come up with, which part you can take care of, and also want to! When you are clear with yourself and stand close to yourself – even clearer than you may have had the heart before, without the whole unnecessary ornamentation. Show yourself with “what you are”, what you truly have to give and what not. Be it in a private partnership or in a synergy that complements itself on a professional basis.

To come into our own potential and feel our own strength, shouldn’t be confused with a new, now perhaps spiritual identity or spiritual ego. The new form of consciousness is about to perceive yourself fully in your own and, at the same time, to acknowledge the other. You can ask yourself: "What do I bring with me that serves the other? What is the gift of the other, where I have more struggles with?" But this not out of old envy structures or neediness, but with the idea of enriching one another mutually beneficial. This also means, and quite decisively, to be true to your supposed "weaknesses". In such a way, your "weakness", when it meets, is allowed to meet the strength of the other, will become a vibrant gate of new, shared creation.

It’s therefore very important, in addition to the commitment to yourself, to support others in their endeavors honestly, to like, to share, etc. Show yourself, but also show what you value in others. Everyone is important in the evolution of a new earth! And everyone is needed! Really everyone! In his or her unique, special nature! So be mindful that your own unfolding of potential doesn’t go along with a possibly anew closure of the heart and a singular, isolated positioning. This is old energy! That is past! We can now leave these energies confidently behind us in full trust that there is a share of the pie for everyone, that it’s taken care for – that it’s taken care for you. Based on the full and holistic recognition finding each other – that’s the point.

January is in this sense a preparatory month. It’s a time to stretch out the sensors, set initial sparks and have first conversations. It’s most important to observe yourself in this, to feel and also perceive when something is not feeling well. Then get out there! Even if it may look really great from the outside and first, a disappointment is part of it or even a deep pain. But know that the letdown is always also the “end of the down”, the end of the deception. Your feeling is your barometer! How important are you to yourself?

It’s the same point in personal partnerships. To what extent do I hide or subdue a part of myself to keep the whole thing running, and to what extent am I clear or am I standing with integrity by myself because what I want is an integer, true relationship. Passivity is also when, with a part of ourselves, we play dead or asleep, just to prevent the barrel from overflowing, not to bear the consequences or to come into action. What are your fears involved? Maybe they can just be there! So that you can be! How relieving, how touching!

Look at the swan: The gray offspring grows into a radiantly beautiful animal, which – therefore not for nothing a power animal – has gone through the transformation and is a messenger of deep feelings. The swan points to our innermost feelings, which we may allow to feel love and trust with all our vigor, and let us be inspired by this power. It’s also a loner and yet, there is hardly a more loyal animal.

So, may you be reminded and inspired by it especially in these weeks – every day anew: Rooted in yourself, hand in hand!

I wish you all a wonderful month!


With love,


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