Energy Tune UP February 2017 – Integration and Opening

Nothing is more important at this time than an ever deeper, inner focus, around which it can dance in the outside and also does. And how it does!

The big challenge is to follow the sometimes very intense movements with your clear alignment, so that you don’t close yourself off, and at the same time, not to let you pull away by old fears, which are currently increasingly pressing upward in the human being.

Around the middle of the month, more or less in the second, third week of February, it’s energetically very dense, but afterwards it goes into a clearly noticeable opening. Like the camel that passes through the eye of the needle, it can feel partially. This integration phase requires and allows at the same time a more comprehensive presence, in truly every moment.

Thus, there can be a real inner turmoil, an even deeper form of transformation, which doesn’t extend over long stretches, as many of you perhaps know from the past as a process of several months, but rather crisp and concise, as a firm sense of how much you are faithful to yourself and to your path, your inner path above all, your inner truth. What follows after this is like the calm after the storm or the elucidation after a thunderstorm. This unique atmosphere, when the sun – which is always there anyway – dares to come out again behind the clouds and covers nature with its glittering rays, which oftentimes puts us in magical amazement. This is also what you may experience!

The current integration is therefore nothing that would happen completely unnoticed and quiet, but there are kindled like small fireworks here and there. Yet more in the sense: Look at it again, very conscious, and then move on! Even if it’s intense and might feel differently at times, there is a clear forward movement in this time quality.

And even if in this phase you sometimes feel like falling into old anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and loneliness and, for this reason, e.g. you have sleepless nights, as if you couldn’t go on – you can! If it's just this what you take away from these lines: You can! Let this be your mantra in these days: "I can." You are much stronger than you think you are. And that doesn’t mean any strength that shields you from your feelings, which makes you strong in a way you have learned to be strong – to show no weakness. Remember your darkest hours of the past – there has always been something that has kept you going, a pull that has led you quietly. This is the strength in you of which I am speaking. The truth that carries you, even if you feel you are completely abandoned.

Many of you probably know the story of the footprints in the sand: a human child walking along the beach, turns around and notices that two pairs of footprints can be seen in parts, and then again only one pair. Terrified, he turns to God, since these were the most difficult times in his life. And God says: "My dear child, where you saw only a trace, I have borne you."

It’s the expansion of consciousness into the dimension of the divine, which brings us human beings temporally to our limits. But how can evolution take place if it’s to continue in the same way, even for the individual? Yes, that may be the wish for a man at times, and if you are content with it, satisfied and happy, it is wonderful. But then you wouldn’t read these lines! It carries you further and you, yes, you, beloved human child, have the unique possibility in this lifetime – precisely because this time is the way it is, with all the world events – to awaken. In the recognition of everything and nothing, which are only different words for the eternal One, for love, out of this to unfold according to your particular uniqueness.

Even if a part of you is already in the starting blocks and impatiently scratch with the hooves, because you feel it’s now February and you are still at a point, where you don’t know exactly which step you should go (interestingly they move you, no?) and you feel more like you still need time for yourself – just have a little patience. These two first months of the year are in a way introversive and foundation-creating months, for when it starts at once and really kicks off around you, it also requires the inner bearing to be up to it. Because then this year will pretty much gather pace, not only in the speed that can be experienced, but also in the movement. Then suddenly things can happen which many of you have prepared in silence and completely invisible from the world – also in the form of internal processes in some long years. Like a gear wheel, which interlocks – click clack. This is how it comes alive. Manifests.

If deep themes, particularly anxiety or (old) physical symptoms appear and thereby resistance comes up, then try to stay in the role of the observer, and to see them rather as good acquaintances, confidants almost because they have accompanied you the bulk of your life. This doesn’t mean that you have to let yourself be carried away by them, as it may have happened in earlier times. You are now in the power and also in another, because more conscious freedom of choice, to say, "Yes, I see you!" AND "I go on!" This is a very decisive momentum! Interestingly, if you can leave the fear there and go forward with it (not necessarily on the driver's seat, but on the back seat), a space can open up, which will give you a completely new perspective. It’s a bit like a sound barrier to break through and then it gets wide at once. An opening for all that may happen in this new year 2017.

If you have felt so far, still something internally was holding you back for any reason, no matter in what area, consciously or unconsciously, the opening is connected with the fact that this rope between you and the world is like severed. It happens because you let it happen. This opening is associated with a steady, visible expression in the world in the coming months. Not in the form of a big jump, a big bang and everything is different at once, but it develops, is there. Because you are here. With a different kind of self-evidence and willingness. A willingness, which no longer only asks what the world can give me or has to give me, but also, and rather, how can I give myself to the world.

What can support you in this time?

Ultimately, as little distraction from the outside as possible. Several times a day, a few minutes of pause may be more helpful in this high-frequency time for some than, e.g. long blocks of meditation. Try also to consciously (and quite non-judgmental, but honestly) perceive your influences in the outside – so what sucks you literally, where are you pulled away from you and also allow it. Is it money, a kind of nerve-racking relationship or maybe your appearance, status and figure? To really identify these energy suckers and idols AND give them less and less power, these are the important learning processes and gifts in these days.

It’s definitely an exciting and moving month that prepares the ground for profound, noticeable changes. For many, it may also be very valuable to withdraw in this very intense time, e.g. to go on a retreat or a cure. What wants be looked at will anyway not stay out, respectively will find its space just there. But why not in a place that offers a protected, loving frame and where there is not so much distraction through external movement as in "normal" everyday life? Escape is not meant by that. Rather a caring appreciation of one's own needs, unfolding and liberation.


Silence reveals everything and much more.


In this spirit, I wish you all a wonderful, groundbreaking month!


Lots of love.



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