Energy Tune UP November 2016 – Surrender and Self-Empowerment

Intense times, right?

It's a bit like a flicker in the air. A flicker of tension. Currently everything is heating up energetically so much and if you are highly sensitive, then it can feel as if you were sometimes pinched as if in a vise. For now, there are such extensive collective upheavals of the unconscious taking place, and the collision of already very subtle energies with the still gross, old collective beliefs and thought systems can strongly intensify the actual situation in addition to your own internal processes.

Just know about it and be more lenient with you than ever, if things don’t go in the way or at the pace, as you wish.

This in advance!

Yes, we are just being squeezed out to our very core. It’s a time to feel into our deepest depths. As if the question of choice almost doesn’t arise. The time quality kind of doesn’t allow more escape.

And that's good!

Physically it can make itself felt in different ways - dizziness, fainting attacks, a pressure on the heart or in the ears, and in the gastrointestinal area either everything contracts or blows up like a balloon.

The November is a month that challenges us in a very straightforward, unprettified way to be honest with ourselves. This sometimes means to descend deeply, in order to recognize oneself in one’s own mechanisms. As if you were descending down into an old dungeon, and there you find, on the one hand, with full amazement things of which you didn’t even know they were in you; you are delighted about various things, which you rediscover, and on the other hand there are some dusty specimens where you most likely want to look away or don’t even tend to touch them. Yes, sometimes you don’t really like what you see! All the better. Get it out. Now is the time to give yourself a different direction. This sometimes means a little "work" - "shadow work". But it’s worthwhile!

And you know what – there is nothing wrong with your shadows. You may turn yourself lovingly towards them. On the contrary, it will only be burdening if we act as if they weren’t there. Then they run unconsciously on autopilot and you are a magnet for what you don’t really want in your life anymore, because you send it out without really being aware of it.

We are as human beings here, we live in this organism, and lived spirituality doesn’t mean to try to be useful all the time or wanting to make everything good from fear of losing control. Perhaps the most spiritual task is to be who you are. It’s our own perfectionism and it’s our – in most cases, actually self-imposed ideas of how we should be – which cause tremendous tension and internal pressure. It's ok to be angry. And it’s ok to express a clear no; to take your space, to draw boundaries. To stand up for yourself unconditionally is probably the most important thing in these days.

Perhaps you have already had the feeling, especially since the last two weeks in October, of having been confronted with old patterns in such a way as if nothing had changed or moved in your life. There may have been a whole lot of despair in these days, tears, and pain. And, above all, a resistance against all these feelings that "you just do not want to have anymore". So or maybe similar?

This is one of the most persistent methods and trickiest traps of the ego, because it doesn’t want to see it’s hopes dashed. The ego defends itself against your process because it wants to retain power. It wants to win and everything that leads to more consciousness, which brings people more into their real state of being, takes the ego's power.

The key to wholeness lies, on the one hand, in the loving acceptance of what is. By embracing the present moment, you surrender yourself to it. This is the gateway to a deeper reality/truth underneath.

I am often asked what is meant by surrender and when it comes to changing something. Surrender refers to the moment or situation as it is NOW. If you are not in a relationship, but you want one from the heart or if you are currently without a job, then it’s the resistance to this situation that causes the suffering. To accept it as it is in this very instant, that’s what it’s about. Then, of course, you can do anything if it’s possible to contribute to change the situation. Therefor again, the focus of the mind is the key. But about this later.

Surrender is the simple truth, to confide in the flow of life instead of resisting it.

War comes from wanting. This is the beginning of the inner war, the private and also the great war begins with it: You want to get something! A relationship, a new job, a better apartment – these are all natural desires of men. But if they emerge from a lack of feeling that you are like you are not right, then it has always something to do with compulsion; And it follows the idea that there is someone who needs something to be supposedly happier. An awareness that separates itself from the whole and needs something like a feeling of unity and security. It struggles to get something: possession, love or care.

The war in the outside always starts as a war in yourself!

Therefore, it’s now, in this challenging time, to be even more mindful of the caprices of our mind, for that is, besides the resistance, the other great source of suffering.

If despair is overwhelming, it’s mostly related to the fact that you are identifying yourself with the disappointment, with the frustration – with all that may have not yet occurred as you have imagined. (According to the motto “I should be quite somewhere else or much further”).

What happens here and what is important to understand is that these feelings in conjunction with the mind construct a STORY. And this is the actual pain! For old stories also create an "old future" and so the same things are repeating itself, perhaps only in a different robe.

Here it’s crucial to be truly vigilant and careful with yourself (with your thoughts!), and if you realize you are just climbing back to the slide, you have to set a clear, self-responsible (!) STOP and connect with what you want. And so we come to the focus of the mind – to your self-empowerment.

Take a note and start writing down what you really want. The question "What do I want?" is decisive in self-inquiry, because the answers to it give you clarity in your desires – the conscious and the unconscious (so also the motivations behind these wishes, for example, with the question "What do I expect of it? "). Regularly, give yourself some binding time for that in the next weeks. And if you feel like it’s easier to say what you do not want anymore, then write out these concrete examples and formulate a clear sentence, HOW you want it. And indeed from the bottom of your heart and not in a kind of "positive thinking" mode.

Above all, this is an inner and energetic attitude. It’s a big difference whether you say "I don’t want to be so afraid and timid anymore", "I don’t want to be alone anymore", "I don’t want to be determined anymore" or if you connect with what you want to experience. E.g. "I am open towards other people and lovingly accepted”, "I live in a happy, truthful and nourishing partnership", "I am precious and live my abundance in recognition".

Do you feel the difference? This is a completely different energy!

By defining your wishes for yourself (black on white!), you can raise yourself into another energy field. This has nothing to do with a “spiritual wish concert”, but with the aim of giving you and your life clarity and direction. And it’s something different from saying "I am love and light" and subconsciously carrying the whole terror in yourself. Even if there are headwinds, people turn away from you, or suchlike – you remain honest with yourself. This is now the task and the most important thing. It’s ok to be kinky or crosswise. It's all OK. You are perfect as you are. Only: Be who you are!

This is the gift of this time, of all times, in which so fundamental things are happening and the world is once taken out of the hunt.

And if you're wondering if surrender and self-empowerment are really going together – they are. It’s the presence in being, in your being – which is universal and yet is expressed in an individual character.

I know this is not an easy ETUP this month, and I am aware that it will encounter resistance within some of you. But we are not separate from each other. What I write, I write for myself as for you. For us: To remind us. Again and again. Now.


I wish you all a wonderful month!                                                                               




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