Energy Tune UP October 2016 – Silence and Space

October is quiet on the whole, but not motionless.

It is not a month of rapid ups and down and high waves, as we know it well enough from the summer months. Nevertheless, a stable transformation moves soundlessly on. It will be – and that is the big and fundamental change in these days – accompanied by a different way of acceptance.

Your consciousness has changed in such a way that another kind of agreement is possible in situations, even if they are painful, different than expected or unforeseen. As a broader understanding that EVERYTHING that happens is to the best for you.

This prepares the ground for a trust which is in you and grows noticeably, just like an “I know”. And this is not a knowledge that comes from the mind, rather a knowledge that is an inner wisdom that could arise through your path. It was Søren Kierkegaard who coined the phrase: “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”. When you look back today, now, in this moment – all of the deep, moving, agitating and touching times, which were certainly not always easy, all had their good sides and were necessary to bring you where you are today. Can you see that? Can you see yourself in it? Appreciatively, yet without pride. It takes a lot of courage and patience to travel this path, which is beyond our conventional notion of success and “progress”. Thanks for you!

Some things may finally be released this month. This could be deep-rooted patterns within yourself or old, blocking core beliefs. However, it could also be the farewell from a person, the official end of a shared period of life, a work relationship or the dissolving of a place, a home, where you have been a long time.

All of this takes place in a manner that is not tantamount to a spectacular breakthrough, but rather like a gentle “sliding across”. It has a very fine quality. Yet, suddenly something big falls off from you and a wide space (forward) opens up. Like a new beginning.

It is a bit like “harvesting fruit”. Wu Wei is an expression of Taoism that comes very close to this idea. It describes a state of inner silence out of which, in due time, the right action will happen without effort. Embedded in such a form of (almost unbelievable) implicitness, some steps might feel in the near future, even if they mark milestones in your life.

Try not to look outwards; this especially should be avoided now. That is not the place where things happen. No one can advise you or help you. No one. There is only one means: take the inward turn. Explore the reason that makes you do. See what stretches out its roots at the deepest part of your heart and follow that. In this honest self-examination, it could mean leaving something behind or, on the contrary, to pursue a certain thing with even greater sustainability and focus. From this, your inner knowing everything comes, there arises creation. Listen mindfully. Silence speaks. Maybe not immediately in a loud tone but the more you decide to focus your attention on THAT, the more you will experience.

When you are in contact with it, it can sometimes feel like you are bleeding because it is so close to you. There is nothing wrong with this. On the contrary! Let it bleed. With nothing, you are closer to you and in turn, you can touch others. You are the inspiration and source for your surroundings. And so we can meet with the most valuable thing that we have to give – what each unique individual can give to this world. What kind of a place would the world be? Maybe you would like to close your eyes for a moment and connect with it!

We often think that when we get up and fill our day with activities then we “have achieved something”. It is therefore all the more important to integrate things into your day that are serving this inner space, the silence, that act as a deceleration – whether that is meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, a walk in the park, a ride on the bicycle in the sun (even without destination) or to more often pause for a moment and just pay attention to your breathing. This way, you can always connect with the silence that is within you; that you are! This understanding is crucial! We do not have to seek out the silence, we do not have to “go into” the silence, we are the silence, the emptiness, the infinity, the peace, the love. It is about a reconnection. And the more space you give these things, which you believe you have no time for in your daily life, the more you will see what an influence it has on your whole existence and your creation. With this kind of base of creation, everything else just builds upon that as if by itself.

As a person, you are space and at the same time you give yourself space to experience this. Space, as it is paraphrased here, is both a state of being as well as a consciously chosen act of “making room”.

You would do well in the coming days to once really watch everything that is an exterior activity in your life. What can you reduce to allow you more space and time for the inner experience? That also includes all spiritual activities that you think you have to do more of or you think “the more, the better”. This is ultimately a similar action (in terms of a driven mode of occupation), how it springs from of an old consciousness and, when seen like this, is nothing more than a relocation. When every weekend you are at another seminar or workshop, you will fill the time exactly as you previously filled it with work and other distracting things. That, in fact, permanently wants to suggest the ego to us when it whispers “make it”, “do it”, and “move”. That is not meant with spirituality. It is about living/being the silence (the nothingness, the emptiness) and just so to take its assumed horrors. That is the true quality of this time: to discover the silence as the real source of strength.

It is especially worth it in these days to collect a few items while walking in nature e.g. beautiful stones, leaves, sticks and to arrange a small “altar” at home. Not in a religious sense but rather so that you have a sacred place that, on the outside, is a connection to this inner source. A place that you tend to, that you look after (even with fresh flowers, or a nice fruit that you arrange there, maybe a candle) – it doesn't have to be big. It is about putting your dedication to the inner space and thus a universal greater a binding symbol. Or let it sometimes just be a loving memory. You will soon learn to value its unimposing strength.

You are the silence. The silence is you.

From this energy, I wish you all a wonderful month.



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