Letter to you, my friend

If you have been the only reason for me to come here then that would be one of the most precious gifts I could imagine. Listening to your life story keeps me sitting quiet for hours, deeply touched and in tears of so much courage, so much simple wisdom and so much dedication to follow your heart and inner guidance without any outside confirmation ever. 

Much is said about the jump into the unknown which the mind so easily sabotages. Jumping into the unknown doesn't mean to pack your suitcase weeks in advance, to think it all over a million times if it's right or not or safe or if you really have everything together. 

TRUST means to surrender in a moment of total unknown.

You left home at a young age, you took the train to a foreign country where you didn't even know the language and you raised the most beautiful, wild child. You have been to so many places in the world and the backbone and beacon for a large number of people, some of them amongst the great influencers of our time. You have been the loving caregiver for your mum and dad and walked alongside your dying friend.

You told me that already as a child you have never really been seen, it was just not the time for any tender care in that generation. And later on, you have always been the assistant "of", the offspring "from" – nobody would simply call you by your name, just because of who you are without adding anything to it. Not having being seen is really the core wound that you carry which I well can understand. 

Your gentle, sensitive nature is a gift to the world and as much as I listen to you being touched, you listen to me and look at me with eyes wide open when I reflect you that. When I point out your delicate, soft nature and the strength that lies in it without you being hard or bitter. You have kept your heart open no matter what happened to you. And if this is my only gift to you – that you start seeing yourself, I will leave here with a fulfilled heart.

So, when we took the river ferry the other day and I said to you that I would like to take a picture, there was this split of a second between picture one and two in which you paused and said a in very playful, yet confident mode – just a moment please, the other side of my face is my more "favorable" one. I loved that moment! You raised your spine, shook your head, turned away from me and gazed into the sun, just smiling from deep within. That smile that doesn't need any padding because it's home, indeed.

I'm turning my head towards you on these photos and realize, when looking at them, that you can see my space of tooth returning your smile. A loss that I had to face on my inner journey of healing in the past years as so many do when it comes to "root causes". Some years ago, I wouldn't probably have kept this picture because of pride and vanity. It's obviously not my most "favorable" side. But who cares in view of this one being that radiates here and that I see in these pictures.

You have walked quite a path by now, my friend. Your eye and sense for the beauty of life and human nature is outstanding because you see and feel when something is created from the innocence of no-mind and pure essence. 

I don't know the adventures that we both will have together in my time here but I can say for now – you give me so much simply through your presence and this incredible energy that you have and all the vigor for life. All that I ever need. 

Who you are is in all names and doesn't, in fact, need a single one. 


All texts that I share are based on my own experiences and/or of the people I work with.
I encourage you to only take what resonates with you to find your own truth and wisdom. Please feel free to share! Thank you!
Love, Tina

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