Energy Tune UP May 2017 – Light and Shadow

For many, the last few weeks have been an extreme ride. Even for those who have been on the inner road for a long time, it may sometimes have felt as if everything had come to a standstill and as if you were somewhere where you started years ago.

What is currently happening through extensive collective changes of consciousness and high energy frequencies (Energy Tune UP March) is the closest to the image of a torrential river in which the moving water also carries along the stones and the rubble that are at the deepest bottom of the soil and rinses it to the surface.

The masks fall! Hallelujah!

It's about shadow work. On the one hand, we know that different things are our family and social heritage, meaning they are stored in our DNA, in our energy body, in our psyche, and in our soul in a way. These very deep, hidden parts of consciousness, which often run like on autopilot in us, show up at this time as never before.

So you may be wondering: Your focus is actually clearly pointing in one direction and in moments when you are well centered, it also works well. In other instances, you know, you e.g. want to the north, but you do the opposite and go south. And you can’t explain why you are doing it and despairing, because it’s like a record that is self-sustained by itself. If you are already able to recognize some of these patterns and they still pass off, then it’s particularly painful. But in most cases, it’s what we are unconsciously controlled by. Neuroscientists estimate that only about 0.1 percent of what we do is what we are aware of. In other words, 99.9 percent of our daily activity comes from the unconscious. 99.9 percent!

On the other hand, precisely in these days, it’s about looking and recognizing what programs are there, which run with you again and again. With this honesty, which lies in it, goes along a form of self-empowerment. This is very important. This brings you out of this sacrificial spiral. Yes, these old programs are there, but we are not a victim of all these constructs!

Working with these shadows is sometimes a tricky business, because many people just want to be light. Yet, the recognition and acceptance of the shadows in us also helps us to transcend them. When you are confronted with these things, be it collective or familial, old themes – even in your own family, it’s not everyone who dissolve these things – but if you add to it, then that is also your task. Then you are at the point where you are currently contributing in raising and changing the collective consciousness by a multiple. And that is basically the only task we humans have right now. From this anchoring in you, which is not "thought" light, but actually explored, experienced light – from this also the abundance which is your natural condition arises.

The nature of what we are is unconditional love. And it is also in the dark. To understand this, even if it may appear abstract, is a key to your own salvation! We aren’t these things that our minds suggest to us, not our feelings, nor our pain. We can have them, but we aren’t them. And it’s the challenge and task at this time to be like a container for the things, but without giving them our attention.

The less attention we give to fear, the more trust in us can grow.

These are processes that can sometimes feel like hard work, since it’s really a question of reprogramming our internal circuits. Where light is, there is also shadow. And that’s not a problem, on the contrary! It becomes a problem when everything is supposed to be light or all talk about light, without acknowledging these other parts. In the dark is an immense great power: It makes the light only experienceable in the first place. Taking responsibility for your own shadows will change your whole life.

Just because these last few months have been incredibly intense, and there is a lot of exhaustion in many, it’s even more important to invite creativity and play very consciously in the next few weeks, and integrate them (more) into your life. Also to be in the energy with others to experience yourself, e.g. taking a dance class or a drum course. Whatever your fantasy calls upon!

If you like to write, then it is something else, whether you write, because you e.g. give a service to the world, a monthly newsletter or blog or the like, or if you simply write for yourself. That, what wants to come out of you at this moment. Whether poetry or lyric, no matter. For many it’s also cooking or gardening. These are also wonderful, grounding things. But please let it be something for your own sake, and not something you routinely do or need to do anyway. It’s not about the creative menu for the new week, but rather about letting something emerge from the moment, from pure joy – regardless of whether it’s absolutely useful. Ultimately, this is the true meaning of art – that it has none. And that is precisely why it has such a meaning. Because in it nothing has to be, but everything can! And this is a real value in our jam-packed, calculated world. Anyone who brings something in this form into the world is in a creative mode and to that I would warmly like to encourage you, especially in this month.

To let things develop out of what brings you joy is now the great signpost. And to drop everything, to really leave the things behind you, which cost you such an effort, because you may have the inner programming that only what is really exhausting can actually bring success or is worth something. That may feel like a little death. Because you are so much holding on to it since it has become an identity of you, and you fear somewhere deep inside – "If I let go of that as well now, nothing will come out of my life, relationship, etc." Of course! The opposite is the case. In this experience of the unknown you are asked to jump. Let yourself be supported by the current energy, which has (besides all) something fresh and mischievous, and feel really every day, several times a day into you "What do I want to do now?", "What brings me joy?", and above all "What do I want to experience in my life?". When do you feel a pleasant, pulsating lightness rising in you? What makes you smile? And then do more of this! Just do more of this! And look ...

What remains if you stop searching for what is wrong and doesn’t work properly in your life?

There is only one thing that remains when the whole terror in you ceases, and that is love. To accept you, with all that is swept up, is the task. You can always only meet yourself. There is no other way. Invite your shadows. All. It takes courage. Anger, sorrow, judgment, criticism, pain, depression, rage. Start accepting it all, they are all your children. They want to be seen by you. Now. No one will come who will save you from the outside. The savior you are yourself. By holding you. With all parts. And if you can’t trust at the moment, can you accept that it’s like this right now? It's all about that! I’m often asked when "this" finally stops. It’s not what it’s about. But it’s another way of dealing with what we would so much like to get rid of in us.

The fear of encounter (no matter what kind and with what) is only then great when you refuse to feel adultly. It's all about feeling. Open your heart for yourself. Be still and feel. There are always two ways to look at things – the glass is half empty or half full. Invite life to show you who you really are. Then every situation and experience is sacred. When you become a lover, without any condition, everything becomes new. In love the boundaries vanish, in joy they also disappear. The pain of isolation is in the depth the pain of being split from your Self. Being in a new way with you is the foundation for a new way of being together.

In this time, on the one hand, you will receive always clearer messages about your purpose and your soul plan. The one hears it, the other sees it, the other "knows" it. It’s important to trust these inner messages, and to follow them when something is shown to you (perhaps even several times). Even if you don’t know what it means or expects you, if you e.g. pursue the call of a journey or open to another person. On the other hand, the current time quality is also such that you seem to fish in the blind when it comes to short-term perspective. What you know is that you do what needs to be done right now. No more and no less. And at the same time, every moment, every step, every day – without knowing what comes and what awaits you – is what unfolds naturally. There is no "not going" of the way. It goes itself. So, perhaps there is a felt vacuum, but trust that nothing of what is happening – even the rigidity, the feeling of being outmaneuvered, the loneliness – that not all of this doesn’t belong to the bigger "plan".

Spiritual awakening is not about feeling good all the time or self-control. Opposite. It's about recognizing the blessing in all and moving beyond duality.


I wish you all a wonder- und JOYful month! :)


With love,



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