Thank you for the smile

I had a beautiful encounter the other day – on my way to my early morning walk in nature I was passing the little streets from my apartment in the direction of the park, the beautiful English Garden in Munich. It was an amazing morning with no clouds on a deep blue sky and a gentle temperature that already indicated the coming change of the seasons and, at the same time, allowing body and soul to adjust, just perfect.

An old man, another early bird, was walking on the pavement ahead of me. I smiled at him with the feeling of warmth connection, happiness and gratitude for this day and life and he looked at me and said, actually quite grimly: „Ha, you are laughing at me! Yes, walking can be really painful sometimes“ – obviously thinking that I was laughing at his little awkward, exerted walk. I explained him that it was rather the opposite and so we walked a few meters slowly together in which he told me some of his life story. When he had reached his house and we separated, he said: „Thank you for the smile“ – and this time it came along with a heartfelt squeeze of my hands.

Once again a beautiful example of how one and the same thing can be understood completely different and that the ability to communicate is the key to real closeness and intimacy.

And even more, it showed me how important it is to stay with your truth – your love over all – and not get distracted by somebody else’s reaction. This has such deep transformational power – and is, at the same moment, a decision that needs to be taken afresh in every single moment on every single day! It might not always be easy, sometimes even physically or emotionally very challenging but, for sure, it is revealing and it will always be rewarding! There is no such greater power than love!

I had to think a lot about this very little personal interaction in the past days while following, as all of us with deep consternation, the big and horrifying things going in the world. It really starts with all of us in the smallest nucleus! And sometimes the ones that are most close to us are the most challenging ones. Let’s not stick with hot air. Let’s stay with our focus, our love. It’s much easier to proclaim world peace than to really look at where it all starts – with us and with what’s around us.

And if you wake up and can’t give a smile to yourself for whatever reason – give it to somebody else and let the miracle happen. As everything is connected it will – in a direct or indirect manner – have a hug impact on your own life and overall!

Have a great weekend everyone! And: THANK YOU FOR THE SMILE!


Much love,

Curator | Art Scientist | Intuitive Coach | Author

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