Energy Tune UP December 2015

The sentence that most reflects the energy of this month is – set clear and firm boundaries around your innermost truth and go for it.

The energy of this month, especially in the first three weeks, is November’s energy in an even more intensified, concentrated way with a very tense, heated underlying aspect to it. It might be that you notice some actual anger or aggression within you, your surrounding or in your relations and wonder what that’s all about!

The most important thing to remember in this month is how we respond to that – both, in respect to the outer world as well as towards ourselves.

The more we are coming out with what we truly are and want to be in this world, the more, at the same time, subconscious beliefs, fears and other buried emotions are highly triggered. By moving forward, outward, showing ourselves, being real and authentic, there can be a pull back from a part within us. This is a part of the ego. The ego doesn’t want to back down and therefore, at once, becomes seemingly bigger. And even if it might feel different – it’s good that it happens! We don’t need all these old patterns and energies running our system anymore.

Hence, it’s more important than ever to stay in the action and to continue planting the seeds in alignment with your intentions. Don’t let yourself be stopped by this or – in the opposite way – be internally affected so strongly that you give in to it. Be gentle with the process and yet, in a very clear and also determined way push through it. What you’ll gain is the experience that stepping into your wishes and realizing your vision will become more and more like a ‘falling into place’ rather than something that you are trying to put in place with lots of effort.

The density of energy in this month is, of course, very much connected with what is happening in the world in a wider energetic scale which, in various situations, comes along with a lot of cruelty, aggression and hate. In addition, with all the uprooting and movement of human mankind in these times, huge waves of pain – physical pain, emotional pain, as well as sadness, rage and anger are circulating. Although these are very subtle, invisible forces, they nevertheless exist and we all have to deal with them energetically in a more or less intense way.

Christmas and the upcoming holiday season is also not an easy period for many people – may you have family, may you don’t have family! It’s a time when we are – more than in any other time of the year – thrown back to our roots, where we are confronted with a lot of conditioned ways of thinking and behaviors. Deep primal relationship issues that go back to traumatic experiences and wound imprints in the past can be stirred up. It might come along or enhance the feeling of being different, of feeling alone – even though you might be surrounded by a whole bunch of people.

All this is touched in these days and it counts for all people – if we are consciously aware of it or not, if we are sensitive to it or not – it doesn’t matter. For the ones who are unconscious about these processes and energies, their way of interacting with the world can be quite harsh or provocative. Just know that when you experience any of these things in the outside or coming at you – even if you feel very hurt. One thing is to accept the pain and the sadness about this and to give it space so that it can dissolve. The other thing is also not to let it come too close. Find your boundaries! Be sure who you are, what you want and what you have to give to the world.

A good image for that is a Matroschka, the Russian doll that is one within the many. The innermost figure, the sanctum, is surrounded by different layers and therefore protected. These are layers of self-care! Taking care for what is important for you and not letting negative vibrations or emotions affecting your core or holding you back from bringing it through. This doesn’t mean that you build a wall around you or don’t feel your vulnerability anymore, no! But when certain negative powers are too strong we don’t want to let them get mixed up with our energy field. Trust yourself in this and in your perception! Being attentive towards yourself, towards your goals and towards your truth is what now creates your future!

I hope you are all thriving and I wish you all a wonderful month! Stay tuned and have a loving, peaceful and quiet holiday season and ending of this extraordinary year – in so many ways!

Much love,

Curator | Art Scientist | Intuitive Coach | Author

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