Energy Tune UP April 2017 – Chaos and Manifestation

This is a special time to grow into your widened Self – and beyond. How is this happening for us here on earth? – Through Manifestation! A contradiction? Not at all!

In the first place, an ingrowth in these weeks means more and more – with practice and trust – to see through and transcend the gaming of the mind. Meaning to develop a sense for when a feeling is constantly reproduced, because it’s created through the thoughts and is constantly being renewed by the story about it, the fears about the future or the supposed misery which is connected with it in the past. Or whether it’s really about the feeling of quite primary emotions in the present moment. When someone hurts you, there is a pain. To feel this pain, to allow it to be there until it’s fully embraced, which usually doesn’t take more than a few minutes, is extremely important. It becomes painful when the thought-spiral in the mind sets in with self-created trances, e.g. "I won’t make it," "I can’t do it", "how often has this already happened to me" or "what could I have done differently", etc.

Unfortunately, we are conditioned by society and often also by family in a way that those feelings which are said to be negative such as anger, anxiety, grief, pain (in other words to be weak) shouldn’t be there at all – that “doesn’t meet the picture”, which you may have about yourself or which you have learned to fulfill – and this is why we tend to avoid them. However, this resistance only leads to the fact that they can’t dissolve properly. It’s basically the opposite of what the resistance should supposedly effect – what we “don’t want to have", thus doesn’t disappear, but is only getting bigger and blocking by the continuous energy with which it is subconsciously supplied! If resistance is there, it’s in a first step to feel this resistance, and only then be able to reach and perceive the actual, underlying feeling.

It can’t be a solution to concentrate on nothingness in meditation or pretend that thoughts are not there when you emerge from meditation and become overwhelmed by your own thoughts. In this time, it’s about to understand in depth and full clarity what you are doing with yourself. A new approach to your mind will be decisive for your personal development and for the development of our society as such. This is a form of self-empowerment and the difference to being a victim, when one feels kind of being at the mercy of things. It’s a time when we can very well "work" inwardly with ourselves or on ourselves, can integrate split-offs – and choose, really choose in what way we want to deal with things. Otherwise, we would all have been born in another time or in other circumstances, where the most important thing at the moment is to secure human basic needs, such as bread, water, hygiene and a roof over the head. This is how it’s parallel for so many people on Earth and also our ancestors had a different task than us. It puts much in perspective, as I believe, and even if the challenges are sometimes anything but easy for the individual, witnessing this time quality and these fundamental upheavals in the spectrum of human consciousness is an incredible gift and privilege. Humility, gratitude, and at times completely causeless, indescribable bliss are its precious heralds!

What are we celebrating at Easter, other than looking for colorful eggs?

I would like to shed some light on this, explicitly in a non-religious sense, rather in the sense of an extended consciousness.

According to tradition we celebrate the day of resurrection at Easter. Jesus of Nazareth, who had come into the world as a simple man, gave himself in complete trust to what is greater than him. And that didn’t mean at all that he was free from feelings, from pain or even hopelessness and despair when he hung on the cross and knew nothing more than to say "my God, my God, why did you forsake me?" Unconditional surrender and absolute trust is what Christ stands for and how he has redeemed his limited mental being. If one doesn’t want to change what is or changes what can be changed and accept what can’t be changed, resurrection (Easter!) can happen. This is Christ consciousness. It’s inherent in us all and we can unfold into it. Even if this sometimes means getting to the bottom of the ground first, to then rise up from the bottom.

In dedication lies the key to everything.

It’s this awareness that people who are awakened, such as Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Socrates, Krishnamurti, Laotse, Rumi or Rainer Maria Rilke, and others have in common. These aren't gods who weren’t on earth, but people who have lived their lives as human beings. There was even with Dag Hammarskjöld a UN Secretary-General and posthumous Nobel Peace Prize winner in the 1950s, who was awakened, whose memorial stone bears the inscription "Not me, but God in me". Awakening is not just something for gods or "special persons". Awakening is not even something that happens. You are love, emptiness and consciousness, and God is only one word for many.

It can feel like in the next few weeks, as if you were literally batch-wise catapulted forward by swirling movements. Exceeding beyond oneself is essentially linked to chaos, which is also generated energetically by sometimes more, sometimes less intense, spinning geomagnetic storms, which occur more frequently during these weeks. You may experience strong fluctuations between tired and exhausted, which, however, won’t last, and then again as clear, fresh and fully present. This has to do with our, particularly sensitive, organisms that must cope with the extreme gradient between low and high energy frequencies. There is also a certain amount of tension in the air, which you might have already felt especially in the last days – with you and others! All these phenomena belong together, may be there, and it’s about taking them as they show themselves. And not how we imagine they have to be. It’s the chaos that, in a moment, tumbles everything, to reassemble it. As with a hologram, which extends the dimensions, it also gives us a completely different angle of view about ourselves. Then, everything is whirled around again and put together anew, and then again, etc. – so man can realize in his consciousness that he is all of this – and at the same time nothing of it. Liberating!

However, as citizen of the earth, we are more than ever in the responsibility to consciously create. And "earthing" also means limitation/boundaries. Restricting is frightening for some people and notably for diversely talented people it’s a great challenge, but it’s a creative basic principle. To restrain yourself is anything but negative. Boundaries create a vessel in which energy can accumulate and condense to matter. Choose a clear focus (this can be done very silently) and – in the consciousness of unlimited, endless possibilities – find a framework for you. This is essential when we want to bring something "to the earth" as humans.

There is a significant shift within this month towards the middle, around the 10/11. (which also marks the full moon). The speed will intensify again in general, also in the direction of manifestation, and ever more lasting in the direction you decide for you. Do you decide for resistance or do you decide for life in all its facets? Everything is supported in the sense of a higher, today actually more experienceable than ever before – in this you can trust, and grow in this spirit. Situations that appear to be universally guided will become increasingly apparent in your daily life even in the smallest moments. You are a child of THIS TIME, otherwise you would have been born at another time, if you, yes you, wouldn’t have an important and wonderful calling in this whole game.

Walk the way based on something that is tangible, close, valuable to you, what you want to manifest. Whether you want to bring a project into being or find an apartment, follow a certain aspect with regard to your health or attempt a facet of relationship (even with yourself) differently – whatever you want to approach, what is relevant to you. It’s an extraordinarily important month to go through your inner growth on the basis of a practical thing. So you can really choose an intention at the beginning (or whenever you read these lines, take it, if you want, as an inspiration for a start), and actually allow yourself a consistent period of 21 or 30 days "to go" with this matter. This can be topics that you have been dragging along with you for a while, where you didn’t truly have the power (or the courage) to tackle it – something that also needs some form of persistence. But it can also be things that you are already engaged with for a long time, but where you currently feel as if you were running halfway through or on the home stretch out of breath, the perseverance sometimes hangs by a thread or is put to the test.

Keep going!!! It’s worth it!

You can discard everything at the end, but just look what happens! Observe how you deal with it in which situations. What blows you away, when can you remain true to yourself, with whom, where? Impulsive acting, which in one moment produces this and in the next moment that, has nothing to do with spontaneity and intuition. All can be changed again and again, but for a restless mind – and whose mind is not at times restless :) – there might be a special gift in these weeks in a patient, steady trial, in two ways: A manifestation in the physical, external world and an inner experience that is greater than that and from which ultimately everything is born.


I wish us all a wonderful month! 

With love,


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