Energy Tune UP March 2017 – Old Belief Structures and Higher Energies

In order to understand what is happening in these times (in particular and in an overall sense), we have to take a closer look at the current energies and the influencing factors with which we are dealing.

We are at a turn of eras when the basic energy frequency is increased by a multiple.

These changes in the frequencies have been scientifically proven, meaning that these phenomena – even if they were to be denied – can no longer be dismissed as esoteric. They have been studied for many decades, strictly speaking, since the 1950s of the last century, at first by the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, and are named after him as Schumann Resonance.

What does the Schumann Resonance measure?

The Schumann Resonance measures the electromagnetic base frequency on earth. Since the beginning of its measurement it has been almost continuously at a value of 7.83 Hz.

Why is it of such a relevance for the human being?

This frequency is what our brainwaves align to within the normal waking state of our consciousness.

Within the past two years, it has been pacing up and down between 10 and 15 Hz, on January 31 of this year it even has reached a provisional peak of 36 Hz.

Perhaps you already guess to what all this amounts to...

Through the rise of frequency, our system is set as under permanent stress. The amygdala (the part of our brain, where the fight or flight reaction, but also the motivation is released) is continuously stimulated and thus pushes all our old anxiety patterns to the surface. We all carry our luggage from the past: trauma, anxiety, programmed social patterns deeply embedded in our energetic system. These are energetic blockages that prevent the energy from flowing as it should.

The natural response to this is that people feel bad and interpret these fears as something negative and defy them internally. But that keeps us in the spiral! It will spread us more and more apart or withdraw all our energy when we continue to stay in such low energies. These are tied to our – mostly unconscious – patterns and basic beliefs that are not in accordance with the high general frequency. And: You can’t just let go of energies. You can only transform them!

What does that mean?

In order to dissolve these energies, two essential things are important, which may seem paradoxical for the human mind, but this is how the universal energies work: One is the change of attitude towards the things that we encounter as a grateful way to overcome these fears and patterns. The other is, at the same time, to let feelings like pain or sadness fully be there and feel them completely. To allow the emotions in such a way to process the energy, to let it flow through, and ultimately to release it from the organism.

For example, if you are in a burdening life situation or you encounter a person, and you are confronted with topics such as fear, envy or frustration, then you have the choice as a human to react in the same way (and thus vibration), perhaps with anger and aggression. Or you can take a different attitude towards it. That is the decisive thing! It has less to do with "positive thinking" than with that you really want it! And it’s not always easy, precisely because much of it is often unconscious. But things appear to you as a mirror, because these are also parts in you that are not yet redeemed, that are kind of virulent in yourself. Too often we are in defense to this, as these are usually exactly the points that we don’t want to see in ourselves or believe, that we are wearing the white vest resp. hold the conviction that what we see in others has nothing at all to do with us. Just know, if you see it in the other, it's most likely a topic in you. Therefore, evaluating and judging others is so delicate, not just because we are condemning them, but also ourselves.

Hence, we could meet all that with an attitude in which we say: "Thank you! Thanks for showing me that. And thank you that I have the opportunity to look at this point inside myself and to dissolve it." In that way, we take up an attitude of gratitude and love that automatically has a high frequency as opposed to energies such as fear, anger and sadness that have, in principal, a low energy. But again, this has nothing to do with feeling no feelings. On the contrary! The process of awakening is about feeling our feelings again (!) and thereby sinking deeper. That is, everything can be there, only in a reactive mode no one is helped. The more high-frequency we oscillate, the more we raise the opposite or what is, into a different frequency.

If both now "swim" down there, then everything sacks only more. If, on the other hand, we exceed the old cycles of the mind, break through them and not react in the same way, then we also assist the other in tying in with this energy form. Then a completely different relationship is possible, a completely different form of conflict solution, and this is the same in both small and large. It affects interpersonal relations, intimate partnerships, as well as political and global decisions, but it doesn’t mean to stick to an unhealthy, tiring situation! It’s about the inner transformation! And at this point we find ourselves as an individual, who is going through this stage, and as a society and world as a whole, very topical.

Therefore, this time in which we live in is an incredible opportunity! And awakening means also that one can get away from the idea – I’m given a pill and then everything is good again. Or I get some special treatment and then this or that is "taken away". Awakening can, even if it may perhaps not please some of you, first mean that it comes to an initial aggravation. Yes, if you heal the (core-)wound, it often hurts more in the beginning. Or when you allow things to come near you for the first time, perceive them per se, and really walk the talk with shadow work e.g. or working with belief structures, then, most likely, comes up a consternation about yourself. Or the pain or sadness that want to be felt, and which are under the aggression and anger directed towards the outside or frequently against oneself.

Thought hygiene is the “super keyword” in these days!

For the manifestation of what you think will happen more and more directly and faster in the time we live – in all directions! That is the good news! :)

The coming weeks have a very supportive, opening energy for these processes with a high development potential. So that one really gains the "stand" in oneself and a much greater clarity, authenticity and inner peace occurs, can occur. I had already spoken in February of an opening at the end of the month, which is going on for the next few weeks. This, however, also includes the fact that, in order to come to realization, man passes through certain stages, which includes what has been said before. In the attitude of gratitude and love, your life, your life situation, gains a completely different quality.

It’s also a phenomenon in these days that our bodies, especially the information stored in the cell structures, are very strongly addressed. Most people have like a form of "primal wound", i.e. a pain that has manifested itself physically at a certain place in the body. It's sometimes present over a continuous time, then away again, then it comes back. Do you have such a supposed "weak spot"? For many, it is a pain in the heart region, in the shoulder or chest area, back often in general. For example, the feeling that there is like a board across your chest and you can’t really breathe deeply or like a tube that drills through the heart. For some women, it’s a pain in the abdomen or womb area, it can also simply be the heel (point of letting go!) or the eyes (look at it!). Or else the physical consciousness couldn’t develop so strongly in this subtlety – both in women and in men – because the body was steeled in a way, that is, with a muscular armor, which is not uncommonly a protective armor (the same with a "too much" of corpulence), which is now allowed to open very slowly. In the literal and in the transferred sense of the word!

What is essential in this time are physical exercises that loosen the body. For all that is so extremely physical, just ask yourself a moment why you are doing it. You are doing well to encounter yourself in a gentle and supportive way – to be active, to remain continual, but, above all, to be mindful. Steady, invigorating movements such as hiking, swimming, yoga, and all such exercises, where the perception of the body, which also leads us to these parts, can become even more conscious, are wonderful. Not everyone who practices yoga develops a perception and an awareness of the body, if, in the end, it’s only about the external appearance. So, that's a priority! And, of course, there is nothing wrong with saying that you want to really get a workout once a week, but in the sense of becoming aware of what is underneath, the fine movements would be very beneficial and supportive.

It’s generally good to look for a form of regular accompaniment in this particular time. This can be on different levels. Whether you are working with a naturopath or alternatively working physician, with a body or psychotherapist or with a coach. It would be helpful if this person is also familiar with spiritual processes, because it’s about spiritual awakening and everything connected with it. And, as I said, this often runs very paradoxically to the general idea and to what is termed happiness or how things are judged by our mind and society. To enter into a kind of continuity in which this unfolding can be given space, might be your very personal gift to yourself this year.

Sojourn as much as possible in love and gratitude, because there is no chance for darkness where there is only one tiny light. And thereto we are all prompted now. For us and in the sense of the greater whole.


YOU are the light!


With love,



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