Energy Tune UP August 2016 – Deprogramming and Higher Frequencies

What is happening in these days may feel like an operation on the open brain. Yes, and this is exactly what it’s about!

Pretty immediate and direct our old programming, unconscious thoughts, believe sets, perspectives on our lives are currently presented to us, brought to light in the best sense. Already the second half of July has – one could say kind of “sound the bell" for this movement. The intensity and speed with which we are confronted with these things – in us and through the mirror of the external – will further potentiate in August.

It’s an intense phase of healing of our unconscious.

Many of you might possibly think now "please no more. I really can’t sustain much more presently", but compared to the first half-year, the energy has in a way rotated, changed. By this is meant that the perceived and to a certain extend also manifested retrograde of the first months – which may has caused in some a debilitating severity and a kind of hopelessness and despair – evaporates more and more out of the process. Why? Because with the consciousness raising, loosening and dissolution of our own self-sabotaging beliefs and mechanisms an incredible (noticeable!) freedom is connected, a lightness – your whole system can finally breathe again! (And if, at first, these might only be short instants. Let them touch you!) It’s like tomatoes would be taken from the eyes at moments. And suddenly you see. You truly see!

It’s not only a ballast drop and recognition of what you no longer want in your life or how you have lived until now, but also – and this is quite crucial – a much clearer and bolder YES FOR LIFE! To a life beyond one's own mental enslavement, how it can be well called sometimes what we are doing to ourselves/have done/have let happen (in varying degrees), without being aware of it. This seeing is associated with a very different energy. It cries out for freedom! And that is the force that brings us forward this month. Yes, shoves, pushes, whether we like it or not. There is no postponement anymore because it’s not in our power. And not only forward, but also like a propeller upward in a permanently higher own energy frequency.

What is in such an energy frequency suddenly possible? Just close for a moment your eyes and imagine it! For your life! And if there are one, two images arising, then anchor them in you. Where, at which place do you see yourself, what are you doing, with whom? What comes of a feeling, when you feel you and your life in this energy? (Smiling absolutely allowed! :)) If you perceive that and remember it in the moments in which you might feel "down" in the next few weeks, then you can connect rather quickly in this way again with your higher energies. This is a very helpful, efficient method. And it helps in manifesting because it aligns you. For it is clear that we form a resonant cavity with the things that we have our lives; even with those who repeat themselves seemingly stereotypical.

As long as they are blind spots on our map, as long – how also –  it's hard to really recognize and change. So we get certain things mirrored on the outside as long as we have "eaten" them and are not running any more exactly in the direction where it hurts. Respectively things are changing kind of automatically – and that's indeed the absurd – as soon as we (are given the present to!) realize ourselves and are in alignment with our higher self and no longer with our "masks". Then, all at once, it happens that things fall in one’s lap, suddenly an offer comes, new people enter into being and this famous flow simply is there – without doing so much or strain oneself. Is this perhaps a belief in you "only when it’s strenuous, it may be right?" – look at it! With what we sometimes persuade ourselves (partly even conscious or well unconscious) and with that literally anesthetize us, is terrific.

Are you ready for the little turbocharger in your life?

However, the flow doesn’t mean that everything is a rose-colored cloud in our lives. This is an illusion. Things, people, situations come and go. As everything that is changeable. So what is the solution? Find and recognize that which is unchangeable! That, what lies beneath, under both the joy and happiness as well as under the grief and the pain. Because these things come and go as the waves in the ocean. If you mindfully observe this phenomenon of dual reality, for which this month will give you plenty of opportunities, then you can make – exactly and precisely in this almost exaggerated up and down in these weeks – a deeper experience. (It may even well be that you – although the situation might be anything than easy or funny – have to suddenly burst out laughing because you become aware of the absurdity of the spectacle at this moment. This is a very sure sign that something in you “has hit home"! :))

The person always wants to hold on to happiness or maybe has the idea that when he has once gone through a process that nothing unpleasant is coming in anymore. Yet, that's not life. Life involves a permanent change of scenery and the question is whether you identify with the particular scene or recognize who it is who is watching all this, is perceiving it. So you are focusing the attention away from the external movement, towards the source; towards that what you really are. You are not your feelings while your feelings are helping you to see exactly that. That’s why they are so important! Even and especially the supposedly negative feelings. Not to sink into them, but to show you what you ARE NOT!

Your higher self does not want you to feel bad or that you doing badly. It shows you at such a moment of “bad feeling”, when you have actually gone away from it because you follow your "built-in", unconscious programs. Negative emotions are like calls from our higher Self. It rings, we can answer the call and be grateful for the reminder. Of course, we can also let the phone ring and ignore the call. That's your decision! But in this separation from our true nature lies the very sorrow and all the pain of this planet. And if this is too esoteric for you or to spiritual or you still prefer to suffer, you might want to ask yourself how it’s possible that a man like Stephen Hawking, asked about his illness, can say that it was the best thing that ever happened to him! Hawking is not a superman. He is human! Like you, like me! Yet, the form/matter/surface (no longer) is the yardstick of his condition. He recognized himself. And: It’s possible for anyone!

This is the incredible opportunity that lies in all this turmoil and movement (individually as collectively) in our present time. And it does not mean that we then would be passive or indifferent. On the contrary! Or would you say that Stephen Hawking is listless? Not likely!

When you act as awareness in the world, then you are – no matter in which form – a gift to the world, whether as a father, mother, entrepreneur, artist, politician, coach, physicist or bus driver. The earth can, more than ever, use every man who gives himself in this way to the world. Are you in?

For this reason, I have decided, as already for a lightning action in late July, to offer every personal reading in the whole month of August radically for half price. I.e. for 89,- Euro you can book now a One-to-One-Session with me (one per person) and you can make use of it whenever it feels right for you. I make no difference if you have already worked with me or if you are new. Everybody is welcome! Simply send an email to, subject: “Summer High Vibes Special”. I look forward to connecting with you! :)


I wish you all a wonderful summer!




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