Energy Tune UP July 2016 – Visibility and Vulnerability

The themes of visibility and vulnerability go very much hand in hand with self-esteem and self-love.

Was it indeed a year in which, so far, a lot of introspection, inner processes and reexamination of old issues were predominating, it’s now, in July, coming to a first small energetic turn – comparable as if you are dribbling forward in a ball game. It’s our clear and distinct presence in the external that sets the important impulses in the coming weeks, without being hard and firm.

This month is an invitation to expand while “walking”. And yet no master has fallen from the sky and every new challenge is always unknown and therefore possibly or most likely also scary. However, it’s often the greatness of the task that scares. Just always take the next step, put one foot in front of the other. This is what you can do, no doubt. When you enter into the direct experience, then all the pictures and ideas “how terrible all is going to be” can transform through the process of walking into inner strength, power and joy.

And, above all, we don’t have to do all the steps alone. Walking yes! Yet, if we reach out then we can also be surprised who reaches out to us and what develops out of the spontaneity, in the flow, without an absolute complete plan. Out of this spontaneity often things arise that we can’t foresee at all and in the opening lies a movement that we wouldn’t have thought is possible. It’s important that we pull in our protection walls and show up. It might sound maybe a little bit paradox and still, it’s about to understand – if we arm ourselves (not only symbolic), what do we expect how others approach us? If you try to protect yourself, you create attack. Once you show yourself, you also give others the chance to show themselves. You need courage for this, no question. Have we actually, in most cases, learned something else. And with that is not meant to blindly run into the open knife. Though, if we close our hearts because we have once been hurt by a person, we eventually inflict the greatest suffering on ourselves.

It’s time to exchange, to connect and to enrich each other with our gifts! This month has something very creative and constructive in an absolute forward-looking way regarding cooperations and alliances. The times of the “lone warrior” are really over and if you still have the feeling that it’s all exhausting, then it perhaps might have something to do with not yet opening enough, with still showing yourself too little in your true needs. And this is in no wise weakness. Often it’s judged so negatively. Why this judging? Does it mean that you are not allowed to have needs? That you have to be perfect in everything? This is complete misconception! We literally can’t be perfect and are not created in that way. So there are people whose nature lies more in one thing (quite practically or on a personal level) and there are people whose nature lies more in another thing. To join in that sense has nothing to do with dependency but rather with valuable completion. This is co-creation! At the end it’s only about affection – about affecting each other.

Yes – YOU are important in this world. You are born into the world otherwise it would be different and your voice counts. Aloud or quiet. You decide. It’s rather a question of the energy behind it. Are you merely silent because you are hiding? From what? From whom? Why? Trace that! Yes, it’s a process. But you get to know yourself with it and understand what makes you act, how you act – which doesn’t necessarily always relate to your veracious core. To think that your existence would have no meaning and wouldn’t be wanted, is an unconscious thought pattern which, most likely, is very old. You are here and you are a gift for the world only because of this fact. Learn to trust this and get people in your life who exactly see this in you – you as you truly are and not how you function most ideal in their eyes.

To step out of one’s own comfort zone can signify for each individual a different surrender. For the one it implies to show oneself fully authentic in a partnership, for the other it’s principally about relationship(s) in a wider sense and for the third it’s about to live his/her heart-business. In any case, it means that you honestly and firmly – although it’s not always easy – go for what you want to live, for what is your truth; that you take yourself seriously in what you feel. In this time of high energy-frequency it’s essentially important to give yourself several times a day some moments of stillness (2-3 minutes are often enough) to consciously “catch” yourself again if you got lost through outer stimuli and influences (especially the very empathic amongst you). Do you know what and how you want to live? What is your desired feeling? Have you already answered this question clearly, specifically and deliberately for yourself? It’s worth it! Write it down!

Look at this beautiful butterfly! The butterfly that comes into being out of the pupation of a caterpillar. In the shamanic tradition the butterfly is a power animal. It stands for qualities such as joy, lightness and change. It’s now the time to leave your cocoon. Let yourself be inspired and brought to other places, to different people. Hidden within lies the secret of simplicity. Simply being is not so easy and something that is already nearly forgotten. You have to let go, to be simple. This is why people often prefer to be complicated. The appreciation of details and little things on the way can, at the same time, open whole new doors. Who is attentive for the detail, starts to recognize the entire universe in it. Butterfly fly!


Allow yourself to be gentle and receptive! Independent of whether you are a man reading this or a woman… ;)


I wish you all a wonderful month!


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