Energy Tune UP September 2016 – Letting go and Self-care

Wow! What a month August was! So many things came up, happened and wanted to be experienced.

It’s not without reason that letting go, and with it the focus on exhalation, is an essential theme this month.

It is only when we consciously exhale that it often becomes clear what we were actually holding onto. This is so important to feel and to develop an awareness for.

We can do it in this instant: Close your eyes for a moment, inhale through your nose and then exhale with open lips, jaw loose and an audible sound or sigh while you letting all the tension flow out with it. Allow your whole body to relax and loosen your shoulders. And if you like, you can repeat it about three times in succession and again, several times a day when you are feeling any kind of pressure in you.

Small exercises like this, which takes less than two minutes, can change everything if you incorporate them in your day-to-day life. They are not marginal or something to disregard because maybe they are a little unspectacular. On the contrary – they are essential! Most importantly, you can do them on your own at any time.

For many, it is a very challenging time, in the sense that things are now moving from the unconscious to a conscious surface. Seeing the truth – a kind of unveiling – of where you stand or with which themes you are dealing, can often be shocking in a way or trigger certain feelings like anger, sadness or pain that then want to be integrated.

Therefore, the subject of self-care is the other very important motive in this month and more fundamental than ever before.

We are matter of fact people (even if we would call ourselves rather emotional or physical) and as such, our feelings have developed, only to be left far behind us. As a consequence, we have come to understand a lot in our minds but that does not necessarily mean that it has arrived in us and has truly integrated into our souls. 

“To understand” what is good for you is one thing. But perhaps you realize that often, despite your “better knowing”, you are running in the other direction. This is meant with the transitional phase when the mind knows but it is not yet implemented in the system. Self-care is something that only you can give yourself! It is the image of you taking yourself by the hand and opening your heart to yourself. It is so powerful and deep that it can initially be overwhelming.

It is now about the conscious decision to take good care of yourself. If we still run in the other direction, however, the energy level is often what we are accustomed to. It is pulling us to the familiar – regardless of whether it is good for us or not. That is human and extremely important to observe. And it is nothing we should get angry about or feel guilty for, because it is stored in our cells and only our conscious perception, when triggered in times like these, makes it at all possible to see that! That is phenomenal when you consider it like this and is the first step to change.

The energy frequency in which you predominantly think, feel and act – that is your manifested life. For example, when you realize that it doesn't do you any good to sit on Facebook while your energy falls through the floor, only you can make in this very moment the decision to stop it. And I really mean it: Stop!

Sometimes “non-doing” is an action!!!

This is an essential point that is easily misunderstood. “Non-doing” isn't always related to lethargy, laziness or passivity. That is just what the mind makes of it and how we are brought up. In reality, it is the decision to consciously not do an act that doesn't do you any good. That is a responsibility that lies within all of us and a day offers so many possibilities to make these decisions always afresh. It is also a learning process and the already mentioned, so important phase of integration and transformation of your own energy level.

If you want to lead a different life to the one you are living, because you realize that it is perhaps not quite in line with your deepest wishes and longings, there isn’t a voodoo master who appears in the outside and does his magic and everything is different. This kind of salvation desire even many who have already spent years on the spiritual path. On the contrary, ultimately, this must come from within and cannot be decided by anyone but you. In this way, you get to the energy frequency in which you really want to be. And at one point, this outweighs everything. Don’t invest in your worries and fears. Instead, literally put your energy into something else.

Deciding is also related to parting. Any other form of optimization or self-optimization – this still to do, that still to do – is not the order of the day! It is simply about being! And a lot more about the question “What actually does me good?” or “What brings me joy?” Feel into this for a moment – what brings you joy? – and write down the answers to it and then follow it. Do it! Really, do it! This is an act that will take you in new directions and that will span unexplored territory. Doing an act for the pure sake of doing, however, is a one-way street. And the permanent search a kind of perfectionist imposition.

Perhaps you are among the people that can barely come up with an answer to this question but when it comes to what you have to do or should do, the list becomes rather long. It’s as if the reason to do something just out of pure joy is more or less forbidden. Is that something you can relate to?

Even to encircle these things which give you joy, is the first important step. Besides all that pushes upwards and wants to be looked at, grant real time for what simply does you good – whether big or small – and also pursue it. Your heart knows – you are allowed to give yourself the permission to follow it. What was it that you loved doing when you were a kid? This is often a good trace!

Forests or the surrounding of trees are especially good places to be in these days. Not without a reason, they are called the lung of the planet. To connect with nature on this level and feel, can bring a deep form of silence and connectedness within yourself and with the greater. Through your own, individual breath, you can perceive in the refuge of these natural companions that we are one big lung and together we exist and travel through these times, unified. Similarly, we can, just as we are and as it is now, with an exhalation let us completely sink down into the bosom of Mother Earth. For this kind of energy stand the forests.

Likewise, regular, balancing, good energy work and massages can be very supportive. Fundamentally, it isn’t about eliminating something “bad” that you don’t want, but a stabilizing. In the sense that we empower our system to cope with the high demands of the time and the outside world. A conscious “being-inside-your-body” is essential to settle the enormous, stirring movements and restructuring in the consciousness and in the world. And physical strengthening is also important – actually to support your body through training to come into its power, for example with concrete muscle buildup (without obsession or burning yourself out). It’s about grounding – about bringing all the changes literally on earth.

And finally: “Do I love it?” Let this be your only and most important mantra in the next few weeks. The answer to this question will melt away all your blockages in its own time.

I wish you all a wonderful month!




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