The light of nature – the nature of light


For almost a month I could observe the different faces of this magical valley and its mountains in the Swiss outback. The movements and changes on the surface in the course of a day could be very subtle in some moments while rather drastic in others – a mystical play, really – and yet, at once, there was this deeply rooted, immutable existence within it. It’s so unquestionable, clear and pure – besides the play of colors and light, the transition of the seasons in this month of November.


It was the experience of light that, once again, revealed itself to me and touched me deeply. Over and over I was shown that this, what never can be driven off, is the sun, the light underneath, inside – also inside of us. No matter how dull the sky was on some days or how close it had seemingly come when – in the drifting of snow it hardly could be distinguished from the white lawns – somewhere there was always this ray of light shining through, and if it was only very vague, barely visible or for the split of a second so evident.


To witness the perseverance and equanimity with which nature is surrendering to that principle has reminded me with equal forces that also our hearts are bigger than anything else – mostly what we think! We just have to remember it and keep on opening up to it. In some moments of grief, loss or pain it doesn’t seem easy at all, at times even impossible or far away. It’s something that we all can refer to in various shades and stages in our life, for sure. It’s part of being in this human form and still – it’s not what we are! Like one and the same alp can be partly in the shadow while, at the same time, it is brightly shining.

“Don’t stick to one thing or push away another” – this was the silent whispering of the mountains in their serene resting in being and though, so alive. Accepting the clouds AND being the light – it’s not a secret! Sometimes it’s not easy and yet, it’s simple. And in this simplicity, wholeness and infinity, life can be over and over stunning and in any moment the source of deep gratitude for the amazing gift that it verily is – in all its nuances. Not only once, in daily view of this beauty of truth, the fulfillment in my heart went along with a gentle, warm tear of touch in my eyes – the recognition and the feeling of home, inside.

Life isn't for granted! Let’s celebrate its grace, vastness and chance more often! NOW!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Much love,

Curator | Art Scientist | Intuitive Coach | Author

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