Energy Tune UP February 2016

The core theme of this month is relationship, connection! Relationship in the sense of contact, support – a nurturing network.

While January was for many a very intimate month with deep internal processes which rather required time alone, February is a month to consciously start reaching out, asking for help, creating and allowing union, partnership and support in your life.

And it can have both qualities – reaching out in a proactive way but also letting the things come up to you. It has, in the end, all to do with a change of energy within us; to create a certain template that things can happen rather than to run with a fixed idea of ourselves in one direction without being receptive internally for the things ON the way. So yes, do take steps in the outer world, do reach out and at the same time open also to the opportunities, the people and the small things that want to find you now. It sometimes can be a seemingly small door and a wide space behind – don’t forget that!

Underlying all this is the aspect of TRUST!

Even if you have made negative experiences in your live or even if you feel that you want to reach out but there are subconscious patterns that prevent you from opening up towards others, it’s crucial to start trusting again. Be attentive if you feel a certain mistrust in you that is actually a sign to step away from somebody, can be true as well, but also be really conscious about and knowing when mistrust is a pattern for you. It can be a great month to focus and practice to stay more open, ask for help and show your needs.

Another thing to observe well in these days is your INTENTION.

Acting in a calculating or manipulative way is really old energy. So don’t even think about it when there is a person in front of you where you suppose that he/she is in a position to help you that your needs get met on the long run by putting on your nicest smile and showing yourself from your best side without the feeling of real connection. This is sooner or later going to boomerang. It might sound so obvious and yet it’s, in fact, very different from what the majority of us has been trained in a society in which it’s so much about profit and success maximization. It’s good to pause and look clearly at your motivation and let it come from a true place in the heart.

This again opens the door for HUMBLENESS.

Do you sometimes have the feeling of “knowing it all”, “knowing it better”? We can think about ourselves as so benevolent, so giving, sharing and caring and still have these programs running that create more separation than anything else. Yes, we are all special and unique in our being and at the same time we are all equal. There are so many gifted and talented people out there and we become stronger ourselves within what we do and can give if we unite. The lonesome path out of fear – which is the dominant feeling underneath egocentricity or pride – is not bringing us any further in the world. It’s an amazing experience to actually realize that the cake is big enough for everybody and that it’s even more tasty when we put the best ingredients – all our skills – together.

Giving and receiving is not a linear thing, so be open to the ones who are asking for your help even this might be a person where you personally can’t expect much. It will come to you from a different angle. This is how it works in these days. You give, you are open to support somebody and you will receive it exactly from the corner that is most important for you at this point in your life and – it doesn’t need to be in the same moment or in the same current. Be as present as you can and look at life from the perspective that every instant is new beginning rather than to the finishing line or the outcome. Be curious with every step, every action because this is what it is – always a new beginning!

It’s an exciting month! You might not see ultimate results in manifestation yet – whatever it is that you want to manifest – but you will feel more and more constant steps in your growth. May it be through deep internal experiences or sudden outer incidents – it can be in all directions with an impact of movement based on the foundation of an energetic template to be open, to give, to share and to receive. So enjoy! It’s February, it’s still winter (at least on this hemisphere of the earth ;)..) but you can possibly have the feeling of a spring month. It’s a time where you can observe and literally experience gentle gestures of new life, like presentiments of what there is to come – such a delicate feeling.

I hope you are all thriving and wish you a wonderful month!


Much love,

Curator | Art Scientist | Intuitive Coach | Author

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