Energy Tune UP January 2016

Start slowly and with patience into the new year!

Usually, at the turn of the year, we have many good intentions, things that we want to do and to change, and January 1st is always a date to start anew, afresh, full of power. We have great expectations what this year possibly brings of development and improvement but the truth here is that everything depends on the gentleness that you have with the process now.

2015 was an incredible intense year where a lot of things got shook up in us and many seeds have been planted which couldn’t really be put in perspective by the time they happened. In fact, it needs time for all this to touch ground. So don’t lose faith! Even if you feel the process goes on forever, trust that this is exactly the way it is. It simply goes, contrary to all our conceptions, rather slow in this first month of the new year. 

It can be important to make it a ritual to wake up in the morning and write down one task that you want to fulfill that day. Just add for every day a conscious action that is strengthening you in your being, your intention and your purpose. Make sure that you keep yourself on track and not getting lost – the danger in this month can be to get lost in the feeling of senselessness or purposelessness. So don’t get carried away! You might have the impression that things are not flowing but this is not the case – it’s just invisible! Seeds, until they sprout, also need time and it requires constant care to help them grow. 

In these days it’s kind of both – things are rapidly changing and the intensity and density of the past months of last year remain and yet it’s also about more and more entering the space of the unknown and the timelessness which is new for us and our systems and we have to adapt to it! It’s nothing that can be achieved by a mental understanding as we were trained all our lives. Our system, our body has to get the yes, the conscious and implemented signal that it’s ok to evolve in that space- and timelessness. 

Really make room for being in nature, for being with yourself, to meditate, to do yoga and to nurture yourself with healthy food. See that as part of the process and integrate it in your day! To spend conscious time on these things – and they require time – is not running away from something else more important, neither it’s something that you should feel guilty for spending time on because other people are working 24/7. It’s them and it’s their life and we all have different life scripts, especially when you are a sensitive or a creative person.

And it’s also essential that you find yourself good support in the outside world. This doesn’t necessarily mean to have a whole bunch of people around you but to really connect and – most important – share! Don’t hide yourself behind walls of how things should be, feel, etc. Show yourself and connect with people where you feel that you can be in your full expansion and who can see, value and assist you on your path. It should be a mutual beneficial exchange of giving, receiving and supporting each other in the process. For this you have to open up, not only to yourself but also in a very honest, authentic way to the other. Have the heart to do so! This diminishes the wall of lonesomeness.

It’s very important to build a new kind of energy field – society – that slowly grows within the conventional world of understanding. It’s already growing, only that in the past years it was more an internal, unspoken processes within oneself. Now it’s more relevant than ever to thread it together and create a carrying net that constantly expands as part of a consciousness development and movement in the world at present.

You all know the old question about the chicken or egg! Philosophers over all periods have tried to answer the question what came first: the chicken or the egg? I would like to inspire you to see neither only the chicken nor only the egg but the whole! Imagine yourself as the carrier and as the one who’s being carried. This month is like the breeding, the process that is invisible but in the inside a lot is happening – until it’s time for the new to come out. It can be a very rich month although it seems slow and that you don’t or can’t do so much. Just don’t misinterpret it and think about the chicken AND the egg! Sometimes things are simultaneously happening without us being aware of it and yet we can have the awareness of it!

I wish you all a wonderful month and hope you are thriving!

Much love,

Curator | Art Scientist | Intuitive Coach | Author

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