Energy Tune UP March 2016

The underlying theme in March is goodbye, detachment, release and, at the same time, an unknown openness and heart quality.

Due to this, I would like to look at the topic of goodbye under a different viewpoint as normally, in the human perception, it has a rather weighting idea connected to it.

This month’s energy deals in a very concentrated way with the dissolving, falling off and breaking open of very deep patterns in oneself. Along with that often goes a kind of increased experience before it, so that the whole organism, the body and the soul reach exactly that point where the unconsciousness converts into consciousness. As we become conscious, we – instead of running on autopilot – have a different chance of choice how to deal with things – to either accept, change or separate from them.

The image is that of a voyager standing at the railing of his boat. The boat just departed. He is waving for a last goodbye to that which is so familiar to him – may it be beloved people, the secure harbor or the carrying earth. He feels a strong sensation of melancholy, maybe some pain, also sadness. Simultaneously he is aware of the wide, open sea, the new and unknown; that which is behind the limited ideas of his own self and he is touched by a deep feeling of gratitude, joy and bliss. All is allowed!

It’s a similar energy when we experience fundamental changes in our system in respect to things that we have carried for so long or that have been with us for most of our entire lives. These are habits that we have adopted as kids – protective mechanisms in form of behavior patterns or believe structures – which don’t really serve us as grown-ups anymore. It’s like a dress that has become too small and that we are supposed to put down. More than often, instead, we are in some facets of our being and doing unconsciously still wearing our childhood dresses.

What’s breaking open in these days is that, which is so familiar to us and which can go now. It’s something that we are used to even though it’s not serving anymore. This is why in these deep transformation processes in current times the incredible synchronicity of melancholy on the one hand as well as bliss, joy and gratitude on the other hand is occurring. So the topic goodbye has far more to it than a one-dimensional aspect of heaviness. Rather the opposite – there is this amazing, unexpected effortlessness and freedom when finally the weight drops off. At the end, in all its nuances, it has a lot to do with life, with becoming alive!

This is therefore a very good month to do a “spring cleanse”, purify the body or to fast for a few days (it is anyhow fasting period before Easter at the end of the month – you don’t need to believe in it from a religious point of view yet, it’s energetically supporting). Conscious nutrition is a theme as well as attentive choice of products for your body – also here as natural as possible and maybe it’s the moment to get more information about these topics and to change something now. If you have planned to clear or smoke out the house, to clean in-depth – after all to create space for the new on all levels – March is a welcome opportunity.

There are two highly energetic peaks this month – one around March 08/09 and the other around March 20/21/22. Most likely you’ll experience an even stronger density and intensity on these days and it’s again and again remarkable that our human evolvement often goes linear or cyclic with the phenomena of the cosmos and nature. On March 09, there is the total eclipse of the sun and then, on March 23, the penumbral lunar eclipse. Nature is, once more, the living example of a deeper law of life and it couldn’t be more symbolic this time – without darkness we wouldn’t be able to see the light. If you are in the middle of such a process you may, at times, have the feeling that there won’t be light again. If that’s the case then just know – it’s all part of it and that it has to be dark, in fact, it is dark in many cases before the curtain falls. Otherwise we couldn’t see – in the most truthful sense.

Resistance against apparently undesirable situations is something that is often automatically triggered in us. It has to do with the old conditioning that feelings such as pain, sadness and rage are negative feelings that are not allowed. Yet, the resistance against it makes all, at the end, only bigger and stagnates the flow. Light doesn’t exist without shadow as no feeling exists without its counterpart. The more clear, authentic and honest you become with yourself, the more you learn to perceive situations differently, to accept them and to feel them as what they are – without any story, without any resistance. In that way they loose their scare and most of all their power over you.

March can be an elusively transformative month where noticeable changes can happen or proceed on very deep levels which elevates life in this organism, in this body on a completely new base if you allow yourself to open up to this process in trust. With this all the layers of what you had ever believed that you are, are falling off. And yes, these are experiences that can have many facets, lights and colors at the same time and the more you let it all happen, the more clear and present is the silence, the peace, the freedom and the love that you are.

So think of the voyager! It’s not uncommon to have simultaneously a tear of joy in your eye and one of pain. Just know that deep things break open in these days just for the greater to reveal.

In this spirit I wish you all a wonderful month of March!


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