Energy Tune UP June 2016 – Shedding and Renewal

What does transformation actually mean?

I frequently make the experience in my work with people that they change many things in their outer life, but that the inner often hasn’t followed yet to swing in true harmony with the external. Separation, farewell, move, relocation – all this can be implemented and still, it doesn’t mean that it has already arrived on a soul level.

This month is an invitation to spend much time with yourself!

It’s about really integrating the inner and I would like to glance at that – also in view of the striking astrological constellations in these and the past weeks of these I hear so many people say “oh my god, it’s all retrograde”! What positive can we gain from that? It’s worth to take a closer look – mainly to feel!

Such phases as we are currently undergoing in this concentrated form, are time frames which ask for a conscious introspection. They are groundbreaking to develop a different, a new dimension of trust within ourselves.

If something isn’t yet resolved on a soul level, then we often tend to compensate it in the outer world. However, with the actual time quality, it might feel every now and then as if your feet or hands are invisibly tied together, a moving forward, an obvious manifestation or realization are somehow obstructed. Do you have the sensation that you turn around in a circle without getting anywhere? Are you feeling that you do two steps forward and five back? Be assured: It’s no hindrance! It’s the natural impulse to align the inner and the outer, to become whole (meaning to heal – whole you are at any state) and then, from there, going one layer further, deeper.

It’s the image of the molting of a snake. Snakes grow their entire life. But as their skin doesn’t grow, they are pulling it off; it became too small. They are literally removing the old dress or crawl out of it. Layer by layer. They do that several times a year. The interesting thing is that for their molting and growth, the possibility to withdraw, silence, is very important. Before the upcoming shedding it’s natural that they lose their glance, that the eyes become cloudy, it can also happen that they become nervous, defensive or aggressive. The human being would immediately label this with its judgements or validations – this is negative or bad! Yes, we have a certain idea of what happiness is, what growth is or a feast. But what if grief and sadness are grand gifts? Exactly the same as joy and bliss because they are the gateway, the conduit to something far bigger, wider than anything in your imagination so far.

Sure, the process is not always easy because it’s connected with a kind of continuous dying. The dying of all the images that we have about ourselves, our beliefs and concepts, also our old worldviews; it can affect our relationships or our profession – life, in the form we have lived it, doesn’t then exist anymore. I can be busy as much as I want with things of the past or with what comes in the future, the key to all lies in the acceptance of what is now, in this moment. That can also be the resistance against a certain feeling. Then it’s important to feel this resistance. In the acceptance of what is, the feeling can solve. Sometimes it’s difficult – the feeling appears too big – to hold the space for oneself. To ask for support in such a case is equally crucial and has something to do with showing oneself. We don’t have to do it all alone even if, at the end, we walk the path alone. 

It’s important – since the challenges and confrontations can partly be very churning and profound in this month – to consistently come in these mental breathing spaces. Meaning also not to promptly (over)react, but instead to give oneself the time (and to take it!) to look at the occurrences and to honestly review them. Writing is oftentimes a helpful instrument. Ask yourself over and over anew the question: “What is truly my motivation behind a particular wish or doing?” The opening that leads to yourself, is you – your heart, your intuition. The doorway to this is your consciousness that floats between the words.

We often suppress many things because of the fear of the consequences. This, most likely, won’t work so easily in this month. In this whole process it’s very vital to watch your bodily sensations – where am I drawn to and where not. Possibly, there comes up an answer within you that would turn your whole system upside down. Then you have two choices – either you give your usual answer or you once say, e.g. “NO. Today not. Maybe another time.” These are milestones or junctions that always guide us deeper as they are enrooted in life! This is no theory that you read in a book, learn somewhere or adopt in a secure seminar room, but rather experiences that life itself reveals to you, that you practically work through and deal with – this is true self-love and in its essence a very creative process. Creation can’t happen in resistance to the current situation. It’s about living your heart and showing yourself – THIS is tremendous transformation!

And even if (still nearly all) planets go retrograde, you might feel in some moments kind of knocked out or completely powerless (allow yourself to surrender to this, too!) or you literally sense that your skin is pulled over your head in specific situations or interactions, simply know this: There is barely anything more healing than – and if it’s only in very little – to show YOUR spirit. To do what your heart longs for and to action THAT. At the same time, it’s the most radical as it leads you in the most direct and fast way to all your shadows, fears and negative feelings that we are normally trying to get rid of. In us is a very fine sensor. Even though it’s sometimes still very quiet and therefore easily to miss, yet, we know when something corresponds with our heart. If we do something that really correlates with our heart, then our whole field harmonizes – all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually.

In Hinduism, Shiva – as one of three main gods – is the god of destruction or, in other words, the god of transformation, of renewal! One of his attributes is the snake which is winded around his neck. It’s the symbol of healing and of initial energy. Transformation leads you from one dimension to another. And like that, right before the actual molting, the skin of the snake becomes smooth again and the eyes shiny!

Welcome to life! What a wonderful and exciting journey! And what a special time we are living in because it encourages us – as all turns of eras – to leave our own boundaries behind us, to rise above ourselves, to discover and experience us completely new.

At the end – no matter if retrograde or direct – what hides in there and, at the same time, is always present: Coming home!


Have a wonderful month everyone!



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