Energy Tune UP May 2016 – Clarity and Communication

The clarity that wants to be discovered and unfold in this month has much to do with clear communication.

In these days more than ever it’s about being in your truth and expressing it! To say what you want, what doesn’t work for you – mainly, without any timidity or shame, showing yourself to the world with all your gifts as well as with all your needs. And this has nothing to do with egoism as we have commonly internalized through our education.

Also the way how we communicate is crucial!

It’s a big difference if we are focusing on the other such as “you have done this and that”, “but you have said” or even draw comparisons and so trying to invigorate our own position by concentrating on the outside. Or if we are giving ourselves the space (value!) by speaking out what is true to us. Yes, thereby you show yourself vulnerable – a vulnerability that can cause fear. Whenever we open ourselves up, we risk to be rejected. Yet, if you are allowing fear to take control over you, then you are immediately again with the other, in the external. Let the fear be there – anything else makes it only bigger, but not necessarily on the driver’s or co-driver’s seat but rather on the backseat and boldly practice to express your truth. Like this you will experience yourself much stronger in your own authenticity and strength.

The fifth chakra (energy center) – also throat chakra or Vishudda chakra in Sanskrit – is especially in the focus in this month. If you now and then have the feeling that your voice is throaty, that you have a lump in your throat, that you maybe even lose your voice completely when it comes to certain themes or that you become raspy – allergies are one thing at this time of the year, however, the fifth chakra stands essentially for communication, truth, consciousness of words, inspiration and mental strength – so for how we stand in this world! To be open and aligned in the fifth chakra is to speak, listen, and express yourself from a higher form of communication. Faith and understanding combine the essence of it. The element corresponding to the fifth chakra is ether or space, and the sense is hearing.

In all this you can observe yourself very carefully and simply notice – see this month as a learning process in that sense. When you review your day in the evening, you can give yourself a pat on the back once in a while and say: “Wow, how nice, today I had the heart to show myself to this person, I stayed connected with myself and my truth!” (We often pay so little regard to the positive!) Or you realize: “Hm, in this situation I was hiding myself again. What was the reason for it?” And then you can pause for a moment and feel into yourself what you witness, what you hear! To practice listening, this is what the fifth chakra so much is about! And – very important – that doesn’t mean the spiral of self-judgement which the mind then so happily incites – that only causes negativity in yourself and around you and it’s completely unnecessary as it doesn’t change a thing. What changes, though, is to lovingly perceive and to make aware!

Sometimes the way seems incredibly long and we are not noticing that we are moving forward in seven-league boots. These assumed quiet, small observations can be so essential and fundamental as here the real setting of course takes place which also in our subconscious, in our thought patterns and in our nervous-system create the ground for an authentic new being in this world. If you are looking for support and have already had the impulse to work with a vocal teacher, to take singing lessons, to do an auditory training or to immerse deeper into the healing sounds of mantra, then this is a good time to take on that threat! All this can help to access the unconscious, to connect the switching points in the brain in a new, healing way and at the same time to be a little experimental, playful and joyful. In Yoga it’s mainly shoulderstand, plow and fish pose that is significant for the fifth chakra – ten minutes in the evening before going to bed! Less, but instead regularly, is often more!

The rising clarity is also connected with a presence in the moment. It doesn’t mean that we would already have the big picture completely because we can’t have it at all, rather it’s more a deeper experience that all is good as it is and that exactly through all the steps we go the puzzle pieces itself together, the whole picture forms itself. Hence, it’s an aspect of this time quality to desist from goals or ideas that are too concrete. It’s good to have goals but only to forget them again in the same moment, meaning not to hold on to them stubbornly when life clearly points in a different direction. It’s rather helpful to put these ‘goals’ as wider laid out wishes, e.g. through questions such as “What brings me joy?”, “What do I want to experience more in my life?”, “Who or what does me good?”. This can mean “I would like my work to be more received/perceived”, “I want to be financially abundant” or “I allow more intimacy and closeness in my relationships”. 

In that way you create a positive frame that gives your life a new direction and, at once, a vessel in which is poured what life keeps ready for you. How it might look in detail and whatever is actually best for you that’s what you yourself aren’t deciding anyhow in final consequence and what you, first and foremost, can’t know at this time. Every little process and step – and if it’s also not easy sometimes – is ultimately a piece of the puzzle of your unique life that belongs to it. That it’s always right as it is (the meaning of it might not necessarily be evident to us straightaway), can be simply clarified: It would be different otherwise!

What still essentially resonates in this month – and this is nothing to forget or to underestimate – is the impact of deep emotional, partly very old themes. Many of you will experience a phase of intensive heart healing in these weeks which can mean in any individual case something else. That’s why it’s good to pick up the ETUP of April every once in a while as it describes in detail the actual time quality as well as its potential (!). The honesty with you in these processes is the key to a new form of clarity. And the experience to be more and more connected with your intuition, to hear this inner voice more clearly and articulate it, is – besides all the motion and frequency – a great and important development of this time. To keep this in view, meaning to appreciate your own path in such an holistic way, is a fundamental aspect that carries you through the stormy waves.


It’s time to show yourself to the world! Now!


Have a wonderful month everyone!



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